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Hello all! It’s early days and I’m considering a wedding abroad, Italy or France. Probably a max of 50 guests. I’m so unorganised and i’d rather go for a package deal with everything done for me. I’ve looked at Thomas Cook and First Choice so far but the websites done offer many quotes. Who has used these companies in the countries mentioned above and what did the wedding cost? I hate calling call centres so i’d rather ask you all first ! If anyone has used another agent that they recommend then please let me know! X


  • Hello I got married at Villa Le Fontanelle in Italy. It was a beautiful location. The best day of my life and I know everyone says that but it was literally perfect. The agent I went through her name is Joanna with vacation central. The packages were great cost wise and the support was amazing. It wasn’t just a between work hours kind of relationship I could call her at 1am in the night and she would be there when I’m freaking out so if you want complete support then she is your gal. Email: [email protected] if you wanna hit her up. 
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    We recently got married in Umbria (Italy) and had the best food and wine ever. We had around 50 guests and paid 1/4 of what we were quoted in UK. we used https://getmarriedinitaly.org and I have to admit that the guys were amazing!

  • Thanks I will have a look now. Uk is so expensive and always the same old stuff. Plus when you go abroad u get away with inviting less people haha 
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