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Hello everyone 

I am looking for some recommendations so any advice would be greatly appreciated. 

We are looking for a private beach to get married either in Spain or Cyprus (we are still a bit torn on which place).  followed by a BBQ afterwards for around 40-50 people. 

We feel quite Googled out as currently all we can find are hotels, which are beautiful but does anybody have any other ideas that would not be in a hotel?

Thank you!! :) 


  • Hey! 

    This is the thing we want too!! Did you have any luck? I thought it would be quite a straight forward thing to look for but seems like it's actually not as much of a saturated market?!!

  • I’m not sure if any beaches in Spain are private or licensed for ceremonies, but the beach in Protaras in Cyprus is. It gets sectioned off from the public (not technically a private beach but you should be able to have no topless sunbathers in the background). I found the local registrar’s details in Google and asked them about licensed venues. The photos on the beach looked gorgeous, and there is a tavern right on the sandy beach in Protaras with a good catering menu (reasonably priced when I checked two years ago). 

    Cyprus is one of the easiest, if not the easiest, place to get married for UK citizens because no document translations are needed and the marriage is legal back here. It’s the length of the flight plus transfers for us that has put me off Cyprus. Plus the potential hike up in costs after Brexit🙄

    You probably know this already, but your marriage ceremony in Spain would only be pretend, unless you are marrying a Spaniard, have property over there or have lived there for two years.

  • Thank you for the help @Squirrel105 i actually didn't know that about Spain so thank you for the heads up. @jadeskilling1 I haven't had that much look as of yet. I have started speaking to Wedding planners for advice who have informed me a private beach is quite a tall order, unless you use a hotel beach space (if that makes sense). We are flying out there to look at a few hotels even though that is not exactly what we are after but my mind might be changed once i see the space. I just think the worst thing could be looking past my partner in the middle of our vows and seeing people sun bathing or strutting there stuff in there speedos haha. I will update when i'm back. :) 

  • Hey, Cyprus has indeed many beaches that aren't officially private but PRIVATIZED. For example, we worked with couples who wanted complete privacy and we achieved it by cutting a large section of the beach and secluding it for the ceremony, drinks and even dinners. This can happen in a few cities of Cyprus. We are specialized in such weddings in Cyprus and if you are visiting, don't hesitate contacting us. We can meet you and guide you through different options we offer all our the island. Also remember, there are different kind of beaches in Cyprus (rocky and sandy) so it be good to know what you need so you get exactly what you dream of. if you want, check out our FB page and contact us, we can meet you in a short notice and we can call you to discuss your options. We work for many years offering personalized wedding packages and we are half Cypriot half British family - so we know all the secrets of both cultures and spaces:) 

    Good luck to you girl,
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