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I have spent weeks looking up venues in Scotland to have a local wedding with minimal travel (or even venues half the country away), and the price for venue hire is more than a small budget wedding abroad (unless you hire a village hall and spend half your time decorating and arranging furniture, then another half day dismantling everything, plus these halls are too big for our group)!!

We have settled on around 30 guests. Hoping to get married sometime in second half of 2020. I previously priced up a beach wedding in Cyprus by contacting all suppliers and venues myself without a wedding planner, and it came to under £2500 for the ceremony, reception, decorations, flowers, catering, cake, photographer and a week’s holiday! 

Now we have a young baby, and apart from reduced income limiting our budget, I just struggle to imagine paying more than £2500 for one day’s party. I’m concerned about a 4.5 hour flight to Cyprus plus transfers and time at the airport, just too far for my liking now.

So I am here to ask for help with a new destination in the Mediterranean  a short flight away from Scotland. Happy to plan it myself if it’s going to save me money (in Cyprus they were all £800+).

I would like to have a ceremony that’s going to be valid in the UK because I’m not up for a pretend ceremony. All I can come up with are Portugal and Italy (France and Spain have minimal residence requirements, Greek islands are too far away, not keen on Malta). Portugal seems expensive and limited in licensed venues, and I have only passed through Italy but I know it tends to be expensive too. Am I doomed to marry in someone’s back garden in a hailstorm in Scotland?


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    Italy is beautiful, we were planning to get married there but it was turning out to be quite expensive which was against part of our reason for wanting to get married abroad.

    We looked at Relais Blu in Sorrento with the Cloisters for the ceremony and for about 40-50 people (not including our flights or our accommodation except for the wedding night) we were looking about £10,000. So I'd say Italy is probably going to be a little out of budget if you're aiming for around £2,500. I imagine it can be done cheaper but not by much without, as you say, hiring a village hall and doing a lot of work yourselves.

    Can't you get married anywhere in Scotland? As in, it doesn't have to be a licensed venue like it does in England? If so, I'd say find somewhere nice and relatively cheap for the ceremony then hire out part of a restaurant/bar for the reception. :)
  • Oh yes, you can get married in a park, on a hill, in someone’s house and just about anywhere else so the country is my oyster, right? Well, most lodge owners, some prettily located village halls and other such venues know that they can charge anything for allowing to host weddings- and they do. If we could rely on the weather, wouldn’t be a problem- say your vows next to a waterfall in the Highlands or beside a loch in Loch Lomond (no decorations needed) and off you go to eat in a hired lodge dining room where you could also accommodate the guests afterwards and play some lawn games too. It’s proving a headache to find somewhere affordable that isn’t a venue for 120 guests where 30 of us will be lost in all that space, with affordable accommodation for everyone nearby. Hard to find catering on a low budget. At least abroad you are eating something different and you are there the whole week.
  • Does anyone know if you can get married in Portugal for under £3000 with 30 guests?
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