Wedding in South of France 2021

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I just got engaged and we were considering a wedding in France from Canada as his family is from there and I've fallen in love with the country and food. I feel overwhelmed by all that needs to be done. So I think the best might be an all inclusive at a chateau, domaine, or maison.

We were thinking of a maison, domaine, or chateau that might be able to accommodate 30-35 family & friends and hold tree ceremony and reception. Are there any recommendations people might have who have done this before? We do have a slight budget of around €8-9000 for everything. I also would appreciate any help in regards to possible group discounts that might be available in terms of flights for our families.

The area in France we'd like to keep it near is the Rhone alpes and Languedoc area, Provence might be considered. 


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