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Good evening all :) 
i am an old user here but never really posted however I have recently been considering getting married and thought this might be a good place to start :)

my partner and i have been together a lifetime (18 years) and we are thinking it would be nice to make it official . It hasn’t ever been a priority really but we have children and a mortgage and would like to just make it official. 
We both like the idea of abroad but have no idea what sort of price budget we would need and some nice places. It can’t be too far due to family who would want to come  
Can anyone recommend a good location and reasonable price ranges please . We are in the UK :) 
thank you 


  • We are the same... looking for 2021 and can't decide whether abroad or UK is cheaper! 
    Undecided on destination atm which isn't helping.
    Hope you find sumthing soon.x
  • I am a wedding photographer/videographer and live and work in Cyprus.
    Over the years we have captured hundreds of weddings at all sorts of venues, large and small. Churches, beaches, tavernas, hotels etc. so there is usually something for everyone and covers most budgets.
    In my experience, a lot of weddings seem to be in the region of 10k but that includes their holiday/honeymoon. Obviously, some cost less, some more, but this is in the middle. Consider your guests too. It can be very costly for them and obviously could be difficult for the older members of the family, and those not too mobile.
    Cyprus is an amazing place to be married. You have the sun, the sea and beaches. Plus most everyone speaks English and is very family friendly. That's why I live here! :)
    Some couples book with the big tour operators and book wedding packages, adding personal touches later. Some plan it all themselves. There are loads of chatrooms with helpful brides for advice.
    Decide on where first. Then narrow it down to your venue. And your budget.
    If you decide to look at Cyprus and would like to see some examples, let me know. I would be happy to show you.
    Good luck with all your planning. x
    Brenda x

  • hello,
    I inilitally looked at Greece, but we ended up with Tuscany (we're both in love with Italy)
    I contacted many wedding planners, then I found damawedding (Danila -the owner) was incredibly responsive and helpful and sent us detailed costs for each venue and suppliers (she was the only one that was able to give such clear accurate info).
    we're going to get married next year, about 40 guests, 15K. She works in different parts of Italy, maybe she can help in finding the right venue for you.
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