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Cyprus wedding HELP, where do I start???


Currently looking at getting married in Cyprus 2021. Any help/ideas would be amazing! Ideally we’d like the Nissi Beach/ Ayia Napa area. 

Also, how do you invite guests to a wedding abroad?? It’s difficult because I know who would probably come and who wouldn’t....but also feel I need to ask everyone anyway just in case some people surprise me! 


  • I'd just ask those you'd want to come, even if you think they wouldn't come to your wedding because it's abroad... as they could get offended you didn't ask, and as you say, they may surprise you!
  • Hi Lorna
    I am a wedding photographer/videographer here in Cyprus and have captured hundreds of weddings here over the years.
    There are lots of fantastic places to marry in Ayia Napa. Hotels, tavernas, churches - even on the beach!
    First decide where and when and then get the 'save the dates'. Obviously, the sooner the better so they can save!
    You would be amazed how many couples are surprised and delighted by the number of people who want to share their day. There will also be some who cannot make it for health or money reasons. That you cannot help.
    The larger tour operators can do your entire wedding package for you - you just book your holiday and they do the rest. This can make things easier but potentially more expensive and you have less choice on your photographer etc. as you are encouraged to use their suppliers.
    At the end of the day, it is your wedding, your way and if want it, you can (probably) have it!

    If there are any venues you are interested in, let me know. We may have worked there and can show you what it looks like.
    Good luck with all your planning.
    Brenda x

  • Thank you! That’s a massive help! 
    We’re looking at nissi beach or possible Ayia Thekla church (?) is that right? I’m unsure. 
    Just followed you on Instagram  :) you work is amazing 
  • AphroditeCyprusAphroditeCyprus Posts: 86 New bride
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    Hey Lorna
    Nissi Beach is one of our fave venues! The wedding people there are amazing.
    Not done a wedding at Ayia Thekla church, but we have done loads of sunset shoots. I think you can only have a wedding there if it is Orthodox - but don't quote me on that!
    I'll try and find you some pics.
    One from Ayia Thekla and the other from the Nissi Beach wedding venue.a

    Where are you staying?
    Brenda x
  • Amazing! Again, I’m not sure myself on what happens at Ayia Thekla, I just know it’s lovely! 

    If it was at Nissi beach then we would have to stay at their hotel I think. 
    Also, have you ever heard of weddings at the Tasia Maris hotel? Also in Ayia Napa. That’s where we have normally stayed. 
    Thanks for all your help! 
  • Hi! I recently booked my Cyprus wedding for 2021 in Protaras :) I would advise defo look to book sharp-ish the dates are starting to fill up already! I used the travel wedding company to book mine and they have been great, they do everything for you! I sent out save the date cards just now (well a couple weeks ago) to give people plenty notice and will send official invites maybe this time next year. Still figuring things out myself but happy to help with what I can :) 
  • I have heard of the Tasia Maris. I think one of our couples stayed there a few years back who got married at the Garden of Eden in Napa. Jackie is the planner there - she is great. Maybe she can help you with Ayia Thekla?
    Agree with Emma, flights are being released all the time so you need to get a wriggle on if you want to get things going. We are taking photo/video bookings for 2021 and 2022 now!  :o  
    Glad to help anytime. :) xx
  • I am getting married in Protaras, Cyprus in June 2020 and wonder if anyone can recommend a mobile manicurist/nail technician who can come to our villa.

    Thanks Tina
  • Hey girl, congratulations on your engagement and your amazing decision to get married in Cyprus. Is a beautiful island all around with lots of options for weddings from beach weddings, pier weddings, chapels by they sea, restaurant venues, villa venues and so much more. We have such a wide range of venues in our portfolio that guarantees there is something to suit every character and style:) Privacy is very important to us as well so we only advise venues that are private and as they look in photos. If you want, check out our FB Page and photos and get in touch with us maybe we can help you!:) 

    We offer personalized wedding packages with everything a couple needs for the big day such as full legal arrangements, full wedding planning and coordination, full transportation, photographer, videographer, hair, makeup, entertainment, bespoke decoration and so much more..Everything uniquely designed to your needs:) 

    Here is a link to our page and some photos for you to enjoy:)

    Email: [email protected]

    Looking forward in hearing from you,
    Maria xxx

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