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I'm looking to get married in Cyprus in 2021. I've seen so many lovely locations but I'm so unsure on the feedback I've seen which to go for.

Which side of the island? Paphos/Aiya Napa? I love paphos, I've had plenty of family holidays, my mother is also scattered here (her faveourite place) and the views are just breathtaking for wedding ceremonies, but as we will be havig stag/hen dus here, I've heard Paphos is not the place to party any more. Is this correct? If so I've been concentrating on looking at the Aiya Napa side. Nissi beach is just beautiful, but not practical with babies/children especially not being AI. 

So I've looked at:
Either a hotel ceremony and reception (looking at the atlantica aeneas resort or Olympic lagoon aiya napa - there will be quite a few children so need a family friendly hotel) or I quite like the look of the Garden of Eden away from the hotel. 
Has anyone married at any of these places? Or does anyone have any recommendations? 

Also, whats best? Booking through a tour operator , a wedding planner or doing it myself. In which case where would I start with a wedding planner/doing it myself? 

We are on a bit of a budget to! 

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!! 


  • Hi Kirsty.
    I am a wedding photographer/videographer and live and work all over Cyprus so have captured hundreds of weddings at lots of different venues.
    I actually live in Paphos so know it well. It is probably more family oriented than Napa but there is still plenty of things to do during the season. 
    Have you tried the King Evelthon in Paphos? Lovely hotel and venue and Anita the planner is great!
    There is no reason you cannot do this yourself and there are lots of chatrooms full of couples who have done just that and can help.
    If you book through a tour operator, it will make life easier but you will have limited choices regarding photographer, florist, cake etc as they will insist you use their suppliers, although this is not compulsory. ;) 
    The Atlantica Aeneas is a nice place for families - the venue is not great (in my opinion). The Olympic Lagoon is an amazing hotel. Again, these places prefer you use their suppliers but I have worked very successfully at both. In the case of the Olympic Lagoon, only a couple of days ago! Be aware with limitations here though. If you stay there and marry there but choose to have your reception outside the hotel, they will charge you!
    Jackie Baxter at the Garden of Eden is a lovely lady - we have worked there lots and are there again next week so know it well. You can have your ceremony there or she can arrange for it at other places. If your budget is tight this may be the way for you as you can choose just the bits you want. Tell her Brenda sent you!
    If I can help at all, please let me know. I know what a daunting thing it is to plan a wedding from so far away. 
    Good luck and happy planning!
    Brenda. xx
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