Planning a wedding abroad- help

me and my fiancee are planning our wedding for 2021/2020 not yet confirmed. We are really wanting to get married in spain in a small city near malaga- ronda. Wanting some advice on how to go around start planning a wedding abroad. 

- do you have to get a wedding planner and whats your thoughts on a wedding planner. What does the price of a wedding planner tend to be?

we want a rustic chilled wedding so there is some stuff we want to organise but finding a venue we want some guidence as we are due to fly out and see venues in september.

any advice??
please send it my way😂



  • Hi Katie, 

    I'm fairly new to the whole wedding planning as I have only recently gotten engaged and decided abroad as well. 
    One of the things I have taken into account with getting married abroad is would I like it to be a legal wedding or symbolic wedding? 
    Personally I have chosen to have a legal wedding which restricts where I can get married (I believe this rules out spain if from UK). 
    Would you like your wedding to be legal or would you like a symbolic wedding and get a legally binding once home. 

    A wedding planner I think is potentially a good option if you are not fluent in the language, it may make things easier to find but as always this will cost. I have no idea of the cost in Spain which doesn't help.

    I started by searching for wedding packages. My friend got married in Majorca and I believe it was through first choice? Could be wrong but it was organised at their all inclusive hotel and everything was done in house and one lady was there all day organising it all so it ran smoothly.

    Hopefully someone can suggest a website for wedding supplies for you to look at for spain. 

    Hope it all goes well 😊 
  • SabelSabel Posts: 5 New bride
    Hi Katie, 

    I hope you are well and congratulations on your recent engagement! 

    We would be delighted to help you where needed and would like to understand better what it is you are looking for in terms of venue. 

    Our multi-lingual team run events across the UK and Europe with a strong focus in Italy, France and Spain thanks to the help of our little black book we have built throughout the years. 

    Mimosa offers a variety of services, we do not have packages as we believe every event and couple is different and therefore aim to create a bespoke proposal based on their needs and requirements. 

    Please feel free to email us via our website or at [email protected] 
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