Barbados - Legal Requirements

I am getting married in Barbados this year. It is both my and my partner’s second marriage. The legal requirements in Barbados with divorcees is that we need to produce our decree absolute and this must have an original wet seal from the UK courts and also includes a signature from a judge confirming the seal is genuine. We are having huge problems trying to work out who does this exactly and how this is authorised. I have spoken to the family court several times and they are giving me the runaround - they don’t seem to know what to do.  I have also spoken to my local court who gave me completely different information which turned out to be totally inaccurate! 

Please can someone tell me what we need to do to get this seal certified. Has anyone else had difficulties getting this done? I’m very confused, but judging by the courts, so are they!
Thank you.
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