Intimate wedding

I'm a new Mum with beautiful young twins newly engaged which is absolutely exciting.

I could never imagine having a home wedding with all the stress fuss and cost. Put a ring on it I thought I changed my mind I know I'll get to wrapped up in it and stress.. But I'm back to wanting it abroad. After being shown not much fuss over being engaged. But not wanting to put pressure on other to join us I love the idea of doing it the 4 of us. The real meaning to getting married is to have the same last name as my family.

I put so many people before myself and the cost of a wedding for 1 day memory compared to making a magical 2 week memory achieving a life dream holiday honeymoon & getting the same last name as my family Is more than I could imagine. 

I'd certainly hope for a big party when we got home to celebrate with everyone we love not only that I get to wear the dress twice. 

Would I keep the whole wedding a secret and hope everyone can attend the party?
Or send party invite as we leave for the holiday wedding (little inpersonal)
Or be honest with everyone..? 
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