Planning a wedding in Italy, planner or no planner?!?!

I am newly engaged and me and my partner have always dreamt of a wedding in Italy. We are in the very early stages and would love your opinions on whether to get a wedding planner or not? If so is there wedding planners that only do the bits you want as opposed to all of it for 1 set fee?
We are looking at the amalfi coast area with a budget of 10-15k and 60-80 guests, is this feasible? 


  • I’m in the same boat but looking more inland. I started to get in touch with venues and got some prices which seemed easy but then the second I was thinking of caterers, decorations, lighting, music etc it all became complicated. We have gone with a planner and have had two great initial conversations with Wiskow & White. They aren’t cheap but it takes ALL of the hassle away and they are there on the day to do everything. 
  • RosyEsseRosyEsse Posts: 13 New bride
    my name is Rosy Strati and I am an Italian WP and Designer based in London and specialised in Tuscany. 

    Obviously mine can sound an advice in my interest, but the true is that you can plan your own wedding without a wedding planner in your own country, but in a different country it is very recommended to be helped.
    Italy in particular is very popular for weddings and the industry is a jungle. Many vendors charge much more the real costs of the services when they deal with people from abroad, and unfortunately not all of them are professional. I know that you may think that the WP is an extra cost but that money that you think you will save avoiding the WP I can ensure you will pay anyway, if not more, when you will source your service own your own, with all the issue of having to deal with everything yourself. If you have a good and professional WP with the right contacts she will make you saving money !

    Should you want to have some prices and advices please feel free to contact me for a free consultation.

    All the best
    Rosy Strati
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