Are weddings abroad actually cheaper?

Are weddings abroad actually cheaper? 6 votes

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Samantha265GlitterQueenlsfranklin334 3 votes
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  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 461 New bride
    "Abroad' is an extremely loose term! Do you mean mainland Europe rather than in UK? And if so, where? I would imagine a wedding would cost more in Santorini, South of France, Sicily, Montenegro etc rather than Budapest, Tenerife or Amsterdam. Also cheaper than what? A hotel package wedding? A DIY barn wedding? An exclusive use country estate weekend wedding? 20 guests? 200? 
  • Samantha265Samantha265 Posts: 461 New bride
    If this is your dissertation then you need to be much much more specific! Do you want real experiences here or just opinion? 
  • Yes
    Was much cheaper for us .Only half invited guests arrived so we saved a lot rather than a uk wedding
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,949 New bride
    This is one of those "how long is a piece of string" questions. Depends entirely on the individual wedding, number of guests, destination, venue, caterer etc. etc. 

    You can get married with 2 witnesses for £40 plus the cost of giving notice in Kent on a Tuesday morning so logically, no.
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