Does your budget go a lot further in Tuscany than in the Italian Lakes/ Amalfi?

I know this question is quite self explanatory, but like a lot of people my heart is set on either one of the italian lakes or the amalfi coast but I want to know I am getting the most out of my budget. I love the look of Tuscany and would definitely consider it if my budget was to go a lot further.



  • RosyEsseRosyEsse Posts: 13 New bride
    my name is Rosy Strati and I am an Italian WP and Designer based in London and specialised in Tuscany. Tuscany is absolutely less expensive than the Lakes Area or the Amalfi Coast and the reason is because it has in many areas of the region amazing settings for weddings. Instead the Lakes and the Costiera are just single areas of regions. This means that in Tuscany there are much more many vendors than in these other locations, including more many small family run companies which charge a fraction of what you pay in the Lakes Area or in the Amalfi coast, where bigger companies operate. These vendors are not those which you can see on the socials, but you really need to know the local sources to get in touch with them, so you need a WP who knows very well the Tuscan areas. I have done many weddings on a budget which have been even featured on RMW or other important UK wedding website.
    I would be very happy to help you!. Contact me for a free consultation at :[email protected]

    All the best
    Rosy Strati
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