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Hiya everyone,

To all you lovely brides to be everywhere, but especially those to be in Italy.

What are you all doing for your hair and make-up ?. Are you finding one yourselves, or are you doing your own, or do you have a co-ordinator to find one for you ?.

AND ! Are you all having trial before your big days.. ?.


  • I know this isn't of much help to you, but I am having the same dilemma! I'm getting married in Lucca, Italy next September (one year today in fact!) and I'm not really sure. We're only using a co-ordinator for our legal stuff and to book our civil ceremony, but I'm not quite sure how to go about finding hair and make-up people, especially when I can't speak that much Italian - I don't want anything to get lost in translation and for me to end up looking a mess!

    Plus in terms of a trial - when will there be time? Obvisouly you want to make sure they're good at what they do, but I don't think I'll have time to do it before my actuual wedding day - eek! So I guess it means doing it on my own, don't know about you though, but the chance of me getting my hair to do what I want on the day are very slim!!

    The only consoling factor is that you're not on your own in your panic!
  • Hi Kate10,

    I did mail my coordinator today and he said he will put me in contact with both hair and make-up in Italy, but didn't mention if i could have a trial before, if i can, then obviously i will have to go to Italy to have this done, which isn't as bad as it sounds as i think we may have to go there anyway....

    If there any good and i can get the detail i will try and pass them on to you, not sure how far Lucca is from San Gimingnano, but might be worth a try....

    failing that i spoke to a make-up artist who would be prepared to travel to italy, but ! at a HUUUUUUGE price. AND ! it wouldn't include my hair.

  • Oh Halloola

    Your getting married in San Gim. You will love it!!!

    I got married in Certaldo 4 weeks ago. Certaldo is about 20 mins from San Gim. We went to San Gim twice once, before the wedding and once after.

    I dont know if youve been before but you will love it, its fabulous!!

    Its the perfect place for a wedding. Certaldo was perfect too but you have picked a good place in San Gim. Its a typical little quaint Italian town. Brilliant!!

    You will love the area,

    Hire a car though, its a must if you want to see the sights.

    Oh Im ded excited for you!!

    Sorry I cant give you any hair advice, my wedding planner sorted everything out for me but I did do my own make up.

    Clarins beauty flash balm is essential if your doing your own make is a base for your foundation, it gives your face a really flawless finish...its brilliant stuff. I also used Lancome liquid foundation it was quite expensive but worth the money. Put more make up on in general than you normally would or it wont show up on your photo's. I cant really do make up but I was ded pleased with it on the just seemed to go on right first time...the gods were obviously with me on that day...look like a bag of mad frogs any other mind you!!!

    Keep me posted

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