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To any brides getting married in Mauritius in October/November/December this year.

I am getting married in Mauritius this year on November the 23rd and whilst I am very excited I am very worried about the photographers. My mum is actually Mauritian and has been to see 4 or 5 photographers out there including hotel ones and they are just not up to the UK standards.

Having emailed quite a few professional photographers I found Ian Regnard, a professional photographer from Australia who often does magazine and wedding shoots in Mauritius.

His pictures are amazing please see http://www.tungsten.net.au/Wedding1

You just wont't get that type of quality in Mauritius.

So normally you would need to fly him out but if he has 3 weddings in Mauritius around the same period he will pay for his flights etc and we just need to pay for the photography.

He charges about AUD$3000.00 (about £1200) for a wedding which includes film, development and proofs of photos and he will be there from 7am to 1am if you want! He also give all the negatives to the client because of obvious reasons of distances which is a real bonus.

Please look at his website and contact him if you are interested! I definitely am!


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  • Hi Rachele i have just got back from my wedding in Mauritius and i had Ian Regnard do my photos, i can safely say you won't be disappointed, he is lovely and i am estactic with my photos.

  • Hi Claire

    You are so lucky he was there for your wedding, I am crossing my fingers that he will be there for mine. I don't know if anyone has contacted him from here though. If there aren't at least 3 weddings I don;t think it is worth his time to fly over there. Come on girls, these photos are so important! Send him a mail. x
  • He was there doing a something else so timing was just right.

    I've been asked to go in the Real weddings section so there will be some photos in there that he took that you can see.x
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