can you hire suits to take with you

does anyone know of any suits companies that will allow you to hire for longer, and the cost?




  • Are you getting married abroad? I know that Youngs and I think Moss Bross will let you hire for longer but I'm not sure of the cost. You could probably find it on their websites.
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    thank you, never even thought of looking on them
  • Hi Donna

    We are hiring from a local firm called Attire, not sure whether they have stores across the country.

    We are hiring them for 3 weeks and they are costing £150 each.

    Hope this info helps.

    Wendy x
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    Thanks for your help!

    When are you all getting married

  • Greenwoods do a special range of hire suits for weddings abroad. They are really nice too.

    hope that helps

  • try lequest in weybridge, surrey: they are fab and flexiable!!
  • Hi Donna,

    You can also hire suits from debenhams, i dont know th ecost but i do know that they also hire out for longer periods.



  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    thank you all, i will get on the case! xxxxx
  • jmjejmje Posts: 831

    can you let me know of the prices for the suit hire..

    i have the same dilema lol

    Jo x
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    jo jo

    Of course, if you find out first pls can you ket me know

  • I know that Pronuptia do provide long term hire - we are gettng ours from there and they've let us take them for three weeks, but they did work out expensive.
  • Sorry - forgot the cost! The total was 980.00 for grooms suit and 4 others.
  • Hi

    This wont apply if you are wanting the full wedding tackle for the groom, but we went to the Designer Outlet at York, theres Paul Smith, Armarni, Hugo Boss etc etc, and we got my H2B's suit for just over £200, which was roughly the same as we looking at to hire one, except he gets to keep it!! If youre getting married abroad or want something less formal the outlet places are well worth having a look at.


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