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im new to this site!

we are getting married in las vegas in april 2007 and was wondering if anyone else is getting married there and wanted to give me some advice or tips?


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    i got married there last month was fabulous!! where you gettin married?


  • in the outside gazebo of the viva las vegas chapel.

    we are staying in the bellagio for 1wk then going to orlando for a wk.

    tell me all about yours, did you have a reception when you got back?
  • Hi,

    I'm getting married in Vegas in 62 days.

    We get married at Graceland Chapel, we're staying at TI.

    Have a look at kel2's post on newlyweds.

    Sounds like her wedding was fabulous, I just can't wait for mine.

  • Hi - we fly to Vegas in 2 weeks to get married!!! I'm sooooooo excited, and feeling more & more in love, the nearer it gets (can't wait to be Kev's wife).

    We went to Vegas for 2 weeks a few years ago, and absolutely loved it. One bit of advice I would give is to get a really good guide book (there are quite a few). Spend time reading it and deciding what you would like to do whilst there - we didn't do everything in the 2 weeks that we wanted, but chose to do our favourites. It is amazing, I have met people who have been for a few days who say 'they did the lot' - I don't think so!!!

    We are getting married on Friday the 29th September, but I am regretting booking a Friday - as Friday & Saturday are so busy, everything gets booked up a lot quicker than the other days, and things are also more expensive on these nights. I tried to book our choice of restaurant a month before the day, and it was fully booked (plus our 2nd, 3rd & 4th restaurant choices!). As I began organising over a year ago, I am kicking myself for not organising sooner.

    Have a read of the Newlywed logs - Kel2 and Truly got married there recently (Truly's photos at the Bellagio will be of interest as you are staying there).

    All the best,


  • Hi louwalshy,

    I'm getting married in Vegas in April also. We are the 4th. What date are you getting hitched?

  • hiya.

    we are flying on 6th april and get married on 11th!

    we then fly to orlando for a week!

    what kind of dress are you having? i still havent picked one yet
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    hi vegas brides,

    you guys are lucky - wish i could do it all again!!

    did you get my email louwalshy?

    love Tiffany xxx
  • hi truly,

    i just got your e-mail thanks!

    ihave got three sisters and they are all coming along with my neice and nephew, parents and nan. chris has got 7 siblings but dont no how many of them are going, his mum wont fly so she definately isnt going! and found out after i booked it thats its her 60th birthday the day after our wedding!!!!!!!!!
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    hi louwalshy

    are you having a reception over there? how many people are going with you?

    wish i could do it all again...

    have you chosen your dress?

  • hi kel,

    we are goona have a meal in the evening not really a reception

    did you have a reception? if so where?

    are you pics on yet? (was looking at some of yopur other posts!)

    have only just started lookoing at dresses cos only booked it recently! i have a few favs but dont think ive found the one yet. going looking again on fri!

    lou x x
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    we had a champagne reception at the grove where we got married that lasted about 2 1/2 hours then we went to the rio hotel and had a meal at the voodoo lounge which is unbelievable!!!.

    want to put pics on but dont know how!!!

  • sorry cant help with the pics.

    how many people went with you?

    how much was the meal (if you dont mind me askin?) and did you book it before you went?

  • bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664
    there was 15 of us, my dads friend lives in vegas so he sorted out the meal and my dad done the final arrangements when we got there, he went to the rio and sorted out our own menu. not sure how much it cost tho as he paid.

    how many do you have going?
  • still unsure of final numbers, prob about 20 x
  • I'm getting married in Vegas in 10 weeks, i'm soooo excited, any hints or tips would be handy for when we are out there (especially if they relate to winning in the casinos) We are getting married in the little white wedding chapel and streaming it over the internet for the folks back home, then we have a photographer booked for a couple of hours and then a meal at the venetian hotel, we get a private room (there will be 13 of us) and then i think either gambling and on to a nightclub. I've booked everything so we don't get stuck once we're out there.

    Did anyone else have their hair and makeup done while you were there? I've booked a lady from a place called pampered brides - just panicking in case she makes me look like a showgirl!
  • Hi Louwalshy

    I've just returned from getting married in the Bellagio. We stayed there for one week then had a week in Orlando like yourselves. All I can say is WOW!!!!! The Bellagio is the best place in the world. After our wedding we got a limo to the Las Vegas sign to get some photo's took, it was brill. We ate at Olives and the food was excellent. I could go on forever!

    Give me a shout if theres anything you need to know.

    Bec x
  • We want pictures uoutside the veas sign as well, dfo you know how far it is from the ventian hotel? i know it's a longshot as you probably didn't go to the Venetian but i thought i'd ask any way.

    Also did you have your hair and makeup doneout there and did you hire a photographer?

    any help appreciated.


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    hi lindsey

    the vegas sign is right at the other end from the venetian quite a way, we stayed at the venetian its AMAZING!!

  • Hi Lindsey

    As Kel2 said, the Venetian is gorgeous!

    We hired a limo for 1 hour and that was ample time for us to get to the Vegas sign, get photos took and get back, and it only cost $96 for a stretch SUV! With you being quite a bit further up the strip, I would give yourselves a little bit longer but it's something that I would defo recommend, it was brilliant.

    If you speak to the concierge when you get there they will give you all the info on times etc.

    I didn't get my hair and make up done in Vegas but my mother in law did and it was gorgeous. She went to the salon in the Bellagio. We got the photographer in with our wedding package, but there are lots online.

    Are you getting married in the Venetian? We watched a wedding there and it was soo romantic.

    When is your wedding? What are you doing afterwards?

    Good look with your plans

    Bec xx

  • We are getting married in the little white wedding chapel, not sure how far that is from the Vegas sign, i know it's at one end of the strip. We then have photos for 2 hours and a meal in a private room in the venetian followed by dancing and gambling hopefully!
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    We are looking at the little white wedding chapel too, but i think we might be going to the Belagio afterwards. Not really sure yet. We are not getting married until October next year so its AGES away!

    We are going to try and go over for a long weekend before Christmas to get some ideas of exactly what we want!!!

    We were originally thinking of Antigua, but have recently switched to Vegas!

    We thought that maybe 15 to 20 people might come with us, but its more like 40 now!! Not so much the cheap option anymore, but i cannot wait....

    love c

  • I'll let you know what the chapel is like, we are having it streamed over the internet so everyone at home can watch.

    We started out with a lot more people coming but the crowds started to thin when it came to booking so now there is 13 of us, should still be great though. 9 weeks tomorrow and i shall be getting married.
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    9 weeks!! you must be sooooo excited, i wish mine was closer (but then again i am not quite as slim as i want to be yet!!!).

    I expect the same will happen for us, when it comes to booking the reality of spending all that money just to come to our wedding will hit home. Sounds like you will have a good crowd though!!

  • Hi, I get married in 17 days! at the Bellagio, we've upgraded to the terrace and to have the fountains go off when we say i do -

    soooooo excited, there are 20 of us going.

    can't wait!


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    Oooh that sounds lovely, the fountains are supposed to be beautifull. I wish my wedding was in 17 days, i'm not very patient. Good luck and let us know how yuor day goes xx
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