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parties on return?

i was wondering how many of you are planning a party when you return?

we are taking all our families except mother in law to be as she wont fly!

i want one but h2b doesnt!


  • We are having a big party a week after we return. 140 people invited, band for the first hour then disco for the rest of the night. Its only in a hired working mens club but I intend to really go to town on the room decorations to make it look good.

    We've got a cater for the buffet and an hours extension on the bar, Im really looking forward to it. We're having another cake to do "cutting of the cake" and having a first dance.

    And best of all - I'll wear my dress again !!!


  • LisaMukLisaMuk Posts: 358
    I'm still thinking no.

    That's the whole reason we're going away! Though, the most important peeps are going with us (30).

  • Have to say i agree with Lisa, the whole reason for us going away to get married is to get away from all that hassle and organising so no, we're def not havinga party on our return. The most important people will be with us on th eday and to us thats all that matters.


  • LisaMukLisaMuk Posts: 358

    I'm feeling abit bad for not having one. Loads of people on here are, so it's nice that ur not.

    My 30 guests at my wedding day reception (abroad) is gonna be blown away with what I have planned. My opinion is (only mine guys) I would not be able to have the same WOW factor" in the UK for less than 15K. I think my parents and I have miles more better things to buy then a DO in the UK, it's a rip off.

    lisa x
  • Bride28Bride28 Posts: 255
    Yer, we're having a reception when we return. Mainly because we're not taking that many people with us - lots can't afford to come as we've chosen quite an expensive place, but it's where we really want and the most important people (our close family) will be there.

    We haven't made any decisions on the reception yet as we've only just got engaged, but know that we want one!

    I think you just have to do what's best for the two of you.

    ~ Nat
  • We are having a party when we get back mainly because my grandparents aren't able to fly. Although it seems to be costing more than our actual wedding!
  • Hi Lisa,

    Don't feel bad about not having a party when you return, i certainly don't. people at work have asked us if we are and ive stated no, and when they ask why i say because we just cant afford to do it as it then costs nearly as much as the wedding itself.

    The wedding day is about us, not about who wants us to have a party afterwards.

    Have what you want to have is what i'm trying to say.


  • LisaMukLisaMuk Posts: 358
    Too right Angie!!!

    Cheers x
  • ;\)We are having a huge party when we come home mainly because we both have a huge family and they all can't be with us for the wedding ( although we do have 17 coming with us!) H2b has insisted on the party - left it to me to organise though!!

    But the bonus is I get to have two cakes - two first dances and get to wear my beautiful wedding gown twice! How lucky do I feel - but as was said earlier it's all about personal choice - if you have chosen not to have a party, stick to your guns and don't feel pressured by what everyone else expects of you.

    Enjoy your wedding no matter what - it's the most important day of your life next to becoming a mummy.

  • We're having 2 parties when we come back. One in England (where my family live) & one in Scotland (where my h2b's from & where we now live!).

    We wanted to have a party afterwards for those ppl who couldn't make it to the wedding in Sri Lanka. There's a lot of ppl who would love to come but can't for various reasons (money, health etc) & we didn't want them to miss out!

    Plus it means i get to wear my dress again!!! Yay!!! lol

    Jude x
  • Hi,

    We are a having a party when we get back 5 days later on a saturday. We have hired a photographer to take family pictures, we will have a cake, first dance, dj and hot buffet.

    We decided to have a party because whilst we wanted a small intimate and personal wedding abroad, I also did not want my friends and family to miss out on the celebration afterwards.

    And yes.... by far the greatest thing about it is wearing the dress for a second time (although I have gone for a lace-up corset back in case i put on a few pounds on the all inclusive cuisine in Cuba!!)

    Nicola :\)
  • HI,

    We are having a party, depite 60 people coming with us. We are having one party in Australia (where I am from) and its also a chance to see to see everyone, as hardly ever get the chance to go home. Then another in Manchester, where we live now. Also been a fab way of geting our parents involved and them not eing overbearing for the wedding, as my mum is in total control for the Australian party and his mums loving orgainising the Manchester one. Maybe a good suggestion for those who have family members slightly put out at an o.s wedding and one they may have no say in!
  • Hi all

    Im with the party girls im afraid. I got married in Tuscany in Italy 4 weeks ago.....which was the best day ever I might add.....Just got back from honeymoon and now arranging my 'after wedding party'.

    Sent 200 (home made) invites (keeps the cost down although quite time consuming!!)

    I would think about 160 people will actually attend.

    Its in a Sports and Social Club and we've got a live band, DJ, buffet and photographer and all in all I would say its cost us about 1200. Although we know the caterer and a member of the band so we have got a bit of a discount!!

    We decided to have the party as grandparents didnt come to Italy (they dont do flying!!) and alot of our friends didnt either. We did have 42 come out with us but we felt...well any excuse for a knees up...and I can wear my dress again. Ive already had it dry cleaned and its ready and waiting. Of course I had to try it on again once back from the dry cleaners.... just to make sure it still fits..ah hum :0)
  • Definatley having a party on return from our wedding in cyprus. In fact we return on a thursday and the party is booked for the saturday. Main reason like all of you is that there are lots of people who cant make it abroad. Also its something else to look forward to when you get home i didnt want to just get a plane home and it be over and done with this way it lasts a bit longer and again it means i get to wear my dress again :\)
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