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have viewed my venue... so excited!!

Last weekend we flew to Nairobi, Kenya for 5 days we viewed the church, reception, saw the registrar, hairdresser, florist, photographer and sorted out all other little bits and bob's.

I have to say i'm glad we had the opportnity because i'm so excited now! the church is gorgeous, the reception magnificant and now i have piece of mind that the hairdresser, florist and photographer understand exactly how we want our day to be.

It now seems so real... 134 days to go... woohoo!!


  • The hotel looks really lovely tiaraprincess.

    I'm going to meet my planner, look at the church, reception venues etc in Italy next week. Hopefully everything will seem more real after that. At the moment people keep asking me for details and I don't have any - don't even know the exact date yet!

    Good luck with all the rest of your plans.

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