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Are you taking...a guest book..

Unsure what to do on this one...thinking of taking a guest book abroad, as having 52 peeps out there (and maybe putting pictures of them in it too?).

Having a party back here .. should I carry on the guest book there, or should have a different one...or don't bother????

Help...not sure what to do and don't have long too get one either??? What you do or what are you doing??



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  • Abi1801Abi1801 Posts: 591
    I reckon you should definately take a guestbook with you abroad seeing as your'e having so many people going out with you and then bring it back to the UK so that you have everyones comments in the same book.

    Best of luck,

  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    yeah,i agree with Abi`ll be so nice to look back on!

    not lon g now Debs,how are you feeling?
  • Bit nervous even now..but excited..and a bit stressed too..head all over the shop!!!

    Even though given extra baggage weight still think I'll be over...just on the amount of make-up I have brought, may have to give some stuff to mum to bring over too.

    Just remembering bits like the Guest Book...I saw one in Smiths same colour as my dress so hopefully they will still have that will pick up at weekend, oooh and a nice pen too. Sounds goo girls think I will take to both like you suggested!!Thanks.

    Have made placecards, favors nearly to get kids favours at weekend.

    And the worst thing is that still don't know what to do with my dress!!! whether will go in hand luggage or will have to put in the plane hold...ahhhh just want it to get there.

    Thanks girls will update you on return....hopefully with lovely pics in the SUN!!!image

    Take care

    Debs x

  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    Hi Debs!

    What are you carrying your dress in?

    I have my fingers cross for you xxx
  • Bride28Bride28 Posts: 255
    First of all, good luck! When is your wedding? Sounds like it's soon. You must be very excited!

    I think we're going to take a GB abroad with us (even though there'll only be 9 of us!) and then use the same one at the reception when we get back. Will be nice to have all the entries in the same book, but sort of in 2 sections.

    Take care, Nat
  • Hi Debs,

    I got a good idea out of one of my wedding magazines - instead of a Guest Book it suggested putting postcards at each setting and asking guests to put their messages on these and post them them back to the UK.

    I thought it was great because I really don't want the extra weight in my luggage (and I know I'll be able to buy them over there!)

    Have you contacted your airline re. your dress? I'm flying with Thomson flybe and they said I could take a separate suitcase (but has to be wedding stuff only) which would go in the hold. They told me to mark it fragile and tell them at the desk and I wouldn't get charged any extra. I know lots of B2B's don't like the thought of the hold but I think it's the best option for me (can't handle the additional stress of what happens if there's another terror alert and they won't let me take it! or I haven't packaged it properly and then it gets stuffed in the hold anyway. I am a worry head though!)

    Good luck!

  • Thanks girlies for all you best wishes!!! image

    I have phoned the airline (first choice) and they said exactly the same as you firedragon, anyway lastnight I brought another suitcase and going to just put in the wedding attire and lable up fragile and place on the plane....and then fingers crossed....I'll ask if I could put it on myself hahaha

    Also when I phoned the airline they gave us an extra 10kg as we were going out for a wedding.....not sure if all airlines do this or not, but maight be worth checking.

    Anyway last day at work...think I'm almost sorted....just packing and lastminute purchase (that top in ted baker etc!!).

    Thanks all you your help, update you when I'm back..

    Debs x

    P.S brought the guest book and so happy thought about it....although I love the post card idea too...
  • we are going to have one big guest book as we too are having a wedding party 100ppl and a return party 200ppl... i want to keep all the memoriws together
  • Think the idea of a smaler guest book with the guests pics is a really good idea to take away with you,Def gona do that one,gonna have a seperate (larger)one for back home then though (lots more guests)
  • Abi1801Abi1801 Posts: 591
    Good luck again! Make sure you update us all when you get back and become Mrs Debbie.........xxxxx

    Ps. make sure u remember to pack the guestbook before you come back!!!!!!

    Abi x
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