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Questions on getting married in Antigua!

Were thinking of getting married in the resort of Bluewaters in Antigua, but I have a few!

1. As we met on Setpember 18th, we would ideally like to get married on this date, BUT I know that September is 'hurricane season' and wondered whether anyone has been out to Antigua in August/September and what it was like weatherwise. I have heard that Antigua is the driest Carribean island but would still like to know how much it actually rains!

2. We like the idea of having light coloured linen suits for the groom and best man but we have been having a look about to get some idea of prices etc and not found anything like what we are looking for! Can anyone give us any shops, websites etc that you know of.

3. Is it cheaper to hire suits out or buy them?

4. Has anyone else got married at the Bluewaters resort? If so what was your opinion of the resort and your big day?




  • Hi

    I was originally going to get married at Blue Waters as it looks an absolutely beautiful hotel. As for the hurricanes I wouldn't worry too much as many resorts around the Caribbean offer a refund if a hurrican occurs so it must be rare for it to happen.

    The hotel has lots of reviews on trip adviser most of which are excellent so it's worth a look.

    Good luck
  • Hi Abi

    We're getting married in St Lucia and Rob is wearing a light linen suit. We got his at an M&S outlet store and the whole thing was £50 so that was great! He then has a white shirt and tie and tan leather shoes and belt, he's not usually the most fashionable man (bless him) but have to say he looks lovely in his wedding outfit!

    Next had some nice linen suits in their summer collection and so did Monsoon (need a decent sized one for mens stuff). You might struggle this time of year but I'm sure you'll fine one easily enough once the spring stuff starts to filter through to the shops.

    Good luck

    Fran x
  • Abi1801Abi1801 Posts: 591
    Thanks Fran, will have a look about in those shops. We have got plenty of time, but was just concerned as its annoying when you know exactly what you are looking for but nowhere seems to do it!!! Now I know it is possible, you have made me feel a lot happier!!!!

    Thanks again! xx
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