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Shoes + beach

A question to all brides getting married on the beach.....

What shoes are you wearing??

I always thought I'd love to have some beautiful high heels to go with my wedding dress BUT...won't they sink into the sand when I walk on it!!? LOL.

Thanks, Nat


  • Hello

    I bought some pretty kitten heels but am taking some flat bridal toe posts as well so I can make a judgement call when I get there. I was confused as to what I 'should' be wearing on my feet so figured that I would give myself a choice. I think the flat toe posts are probably going to win on the day though...
  • Like you Clementine, I thought about toe posts, have settled on a pair of each! and I'll make my mind up on the day!!!
  • I've decided myself and all the wedding party are going to go bare footed,getting married in the hotel grounds ie grassed area so hopefully wount be too hot on the feet. Seen a lovely picture in a mag of a wedding party all sitting on a beach showing their bare feet and it looked really natural.
  • Abi1801Abi1801 Posts: 591
    Were getting married in Antigua and I was going to go barefooted BUT (and there is always a but) the resort we chose in the end has the wedding venue on a rocky bit which comes out over the sea, overlooking the beach, so I have brought a pair of shoes and then when we go for our pics on the beach, I intend to ditch them for bare feet, as long as the sand isnt too hot....hadn't thought of that until I read laehs post!!!!! Ha, what would we do without this website! Ha ha!

  • I think we'll be getting married in a wedding gazebo, so I was thinking I would do the same as Abi and wear heels there, and then take them off and go barefeet for photos on the beach.
  • I had this problem too, and when searching for flat bridal flip flops it was a nightmare! - high street shops just didn't have matching colours that would go with a wedding dress.

    In the end Ebay came up trumps, with a discontinued line from Rainbow club, they are flat toe-post shoes in satin and have beading on them, they are called 'Cai' if anyone wants to google them.

    But really I'm going for the barefoot look on the beach, just depends on hot sand, and there is a boardwalk too which might be hot!!


  • I've been looking for some nice flip-flops to wear for my big day which will be in Greece next year, but found that looking for 'bridal' doesn't come up with much! Looking around the high-street though, there are lots of silver, white, diamante, beaded, very pretty slippers and flip flops to choose from - any they're much cheaper!
  • burcaffburcaff Posts: 386
    Hi Ladies, i've had the same nightmare too & have spent hrs trawling the internet & magazines looking for beach suitable shoes....(we're getting married on the beach in Cuba next May )

    I've ordered two pairs off an american internet site

    Here's the link ( i've ordered courtney & lacy )..the lacy shes were £40 over here, so even with a bit of import tax that I'll have to pay, It's still miles cheaper.

  • hello everyone!

    i had a proper mission trying to find the perfect shoes as im getting married in cyprus and the ground is too hot for bare feet, sadly! i like my height against the h2b so i too had the seemingly difficult challenge of finding nice flat wedding shoes, aparently no shops expect brides to wear anything other than ridiculous heels, and to be frank i walk like bambi in heels anyway!

    i have now found a beautiful pair of soft leather, silver ballet style pumps, im going to sew some satin ribbon to them so they tie up the leg and look really dainty with the dream dress!! im so pleased with them, and they were only £20!!

    ill stop waffling now, im sure iv sent you all to sleep! my advise is to look in all types of shops, i wanted something classy like rainbow but they never came along- eventually i gave in and looked somewhere that i never thought id buy the shoes for my WEDDING!!! new look!

    best of luck all

    x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x x
  • burcaffburcaff Posts: 386
    where were the ballet pumps from ?
  • Also getting married in Antigua and have decided on gold/silver flat thongs but will go barefoot on the beach.
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