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Anyone used before?

Hi ladies,

Myself and fiance are planning a Tuscan wedding in 2008, and have shown an interest in planning it for us. We have arranged to meet them on our holiday to Tuscany this November. So far they have been really helpful in trying to understand what we're after, but what worries me is that they're a new company. They have no previous examples of past couples or recommendations and I'm a little worried about putting our wedding soley in their hands without some reassurance.

Has anyone used this company before? If you have, PLEASE let me know!



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  • Hi Tiff

    I cant help you with that company BUT....I got married in a little town called Certaldo in Tuscany on 18th August this year (4weeks ago today to be exact!!)

    I used a company called Best Italian Weddings ( they were fabulous!!!

    I got everything I asked for plus a little extra (when I first contacted them they took a week to get back to me so they threw in flowers for the ceremony for free)

    The girl who arranged my big day was Nadia Nardi. Its only email contact which worried me a little but my day could not have been better. Whatever I asked for she would go out get availability and cost and then let me know the choices.

    Nadia was fantastic, she arranged everything I had asked for perfectly!! I probably couldnt have done it any better myself.

    She was also present on the day of the wedding just in the background making sure everything was going according to plan and while Nadia floated in the background, another girl, Cynzia, from Best Italian Weddings acted as our interpreter for the ceremony.

    Sorry I cant comment on wedding-tuscany but I will recommend Nadia and her company if you decide its too risky going with a new company. Although, using a new company may pay off as they will be trying to impress and do the best job they can so you will recommend them and they may want to use your pictures for their website and stuff so it could be worth a gamble. I would speak with them at length when you visit in November, ask loads of questions and see if you can strike a deal with them (they will want your custom more than you want their services!!)

    Have a look at Certaldo Alto (Alto=Old Town) for your big day, its a lovely quaint old Italian town that is reached by a little mini railway called the 'funiculare' the new part of the town is the lower part which is nothing to write home about but the old town sits high on a hill and its gorgeous!!! Small but gorgeous!!

    Keep me posted.....I wish I was still arranging my was fab but over before you know it, so make sure you enjoy every single minute!!


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