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Hi Ladies,

We're getting married in Tuscany in 2008 and are starting to look at venues in November. We're in a bit of a quandry as to what to do about guest accomodation. Ideally we'd like to hire a massive villa for 5 days for our guests, but financially for us this isn't realistic. Instead we were thinking about paying accomodation for the bridal party and asking the rest of our guests to pay for their own, providing we supply them with reasonable examples of budget apartments etc.

Is this a reasonable suggestion or not? What do you think?




  • Well I think thats more than generous. We're not paying anything for any of our guests and nobody expected us to. It would have been a nice gesture but no way could we have afforded that.

    I just helped when asked to search the internet for the best deals. My mum and husband, both sisters and their families are coming. H2B parents and both sisters and families are coming and so are 6 friends so we have 24 people in total which Im so pleased with.

    Were getting married in Paphos (In 5 weeks!) and by coincedence its landed on half term week so its not particulary cheap and we've still got a good turn out I think.

    If I was asked to attend a wedding abroad it wouldnt cross my mind that any of it would be paid for.

    Why dont you save your money for a fabulous reception and maybe a special treat for each of the guests. Im having a nail technician to my hotel room the day before the wedding and Im paying for all the ladies a manicure while H2B takes all the men for a game of golf, its a little treat and people really appreciate it.

  • Hi ZoZo,

    Thanks for your reply. I'm glad you don't think it's unreasonable. I just always thought that less people would come to a wedding abroad because of expense-although looking at flight prices it's VERY cheap!

    I love the idea of giving special gifts to guests instead and providing information is a great idea-i think we'll include that in our invitation pack.

    Best wishes for your wedding-wish i was 5 weeks away! Enjoy it!


  • I e-mailed the Cyprus tourist board in London and they sent me loads of Paphos street maps for me to include in the invites. I circled where we were staying so that people could book in and around the same area BUT NOT AT SAME PLACE!

    Type something up including suggested website / tour operators and show example prices so they know instantly roughly what to expect in cost.

    Eg. 3 star accomodtaion in XX hotel / villa

    £xx per person based on 2 sharing.

    For accomodation info see website xxx

    You're doing the hard work for them then aren't you.

    Good luck.

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    Hi Tiff,

    i know exactly what you mean. We're getting married in Tuscany in June 2008. I thought that I was being cheeky expecting people to pay to come to our wedding. However, having talked to family and friends they think its unreasonable for me to think that they WOULDN'T pay!

    We're looking a we go next week to have a look. We can book the villa exclusively and it sleeps up to 45 people which is ideal and its comng in VERY reasonable.

    I have been on etc and can't find ONE bad review! So fingers crossed thats going to be the venue. I have also found the people there to be incredibly helpful.

    Hope this helps, and good luck!


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