getting married at La Pirogue Mauritius

has anyone got/getting married at la pirogue in mauritius. if so how was it? im getting married on 7th september and just worried if it will be organized properly as it is over seas. if anyone has wedding pics please post them. thanks


  • Hi Sept7Bride,

    I am from mauritius but now live in Australia. I haven't been to La Pirogue for a long time so I don't really know how it looks now, but the great benefit you will get with any hotels on the west coast of the island during winter and spring is that it is more sheltered and a bit warmer than those on the east side as it get a little coolish during those months.

    the following link will show you some pictures of the hotel

    Hope this help.


  • Hi sept7bride,

    I'm getting married at la pirogue in april next year so i cant actually tell you what it was like but i can say how excited about it all i am.

    Who have you booked through, did you do it direct with the tour operator or through a travel agents??

    What sort of a wedding package have you got, has your agent got its own wedding co-ordinator in england? I've spoken to th eco-ordinators over there and they both sound like lovely girls and will help you with any info you need.

    I've had lots of info from them so if you have any questions please fire away.

    Hope that helps

  • thank you ian your post was very helpful.

  • hi angie. we have booked with kuoni we used a local travel agents which one of the workers was a friend of the family so we got a good deal. we have been told by kuoni that we get the use of our wedding co-ordinator when we are on the resort which is a shame coz if we have any questions we have to go through kuoni. im excited too, ordered a wedding dress which will be ready in about 6 months. i cant wait. good luck with your wedding and hope to hear from you soon. thanks amy. xxxx
  • Hi Amy,

    I wasnt given the wedding co-ordinators details by virgin, i just emailed the hotel direct and was put in touch with them. Their contact email is [email protected]

    Just try emailing them and see how you get on.



  • hope this helps. Holidayed at La Pirogue about 12 months ago and i can honestly say that it is one of the best hotels that i have ever stayed at. The staff were amazing and nothing was too much trouble. Their were several people we met there who had got married and saw lots more weddings taking place while we were there and everyone had nothing but praise for the way things had been handled. The location is stunning, the food superb and if i could afford would go back every year for the next 50 years. If you have any other questions will be happy to answer, have the best wedding
  • hi angie,

    thank you very much i have emailed la pirogue but i had no answer but it wasnt that email so ill email them. thank you so much.
  • hi jnicholls90

    thank you for your reply it has helped alot. hope to hear from you soon.
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