Transporting Dresses

Sorry if this has come up before!!

I'm gettin married in August in Malta and had always planned to take my dress as hand lugage. When we went this August to make plans etc we traveled on the day of the airport scares. Since then with the new restrictions that have been imposed i'm not sure how to take it?!

Anyone planned how to transport their dress, or spoken to the airlines about it?

Ideas would be much appreciated!!


  • Hi Claire

    We are getting married in the Dominican Republic, flying with First Choice. Both Bride and Groom get an additional 5kg each for wedding attire. They are to be put in suit carriers and marked fragile.

    Don't know whether that helps?!

  • Hi Claire

    How have you organised your wedding? Check with the airline, although I think most of the hoo harr will have died down by then. I too am getting married in Malta, in May next year. Are you prepared for how hot it will be in August? We went in May this year and it was late 20's early 30's temp wise!

    How are your plans going?

  • Hi,

    I'd try not to worry too much, thats what i keep telling myself cos im sure things will have died downa bit by then, im planning on taking my dress on board and hanging it in first class, the airline told me i could do this (back in january).

    I did hear on the news the other day that theyre hoping to relax things again a bit this week and maybe allow certain liquids on board and also allow musicians to take instruments on board so im sure they'll say yes to dresses too.


  • I contacted United about taking my dress as hand luggage.

    I was told as long as I take it in something that complies with the new hand luggage regulations it would be fine.

    If my bag/box is bigger than this it would be down to the airline on the day.

    I know it's on these pages already, but look on they make a dress travel box which fits into the new luggage limits.

  • Hi,

    I've just got back from getting married in Italy. Don't worry at all, I used a box from emptyboxcompany and it was fine - no problems at all.

    Daniella x
  • Thanks for all for your advice, i'll look at the website emptybox and see what i can do.

    Wow - someone else getting married there!! Well my dad's Maltese and i've got a maltese passport. Me and my HSB thought it would be great to marry out there partly cause of the great weather and locations and also so that my massive maltese family will all be able to attend. The wedding starts at 7 so hopefully it won't be as hot.

    How are your plans going - where are you planning to get married?? How are the plans going??

    Claire xxxxxxxx
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