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Lapland wedding - clothing advice

Is anyone else getting married in Lapland?? Can you share with me your thoughts on what you are going to be wearing for the ceremony?? I'm going for a tea/cocktail length dress plus matching coat, but am not sure what to wear on my feet for the ceremony as will be getting wed in an ice chapel. Any suggestions or website links welcome!!!

S x


  • Hi Sarah

    We first planned on getting wed in the ice chapel in Sweden, I planned on wearing a long white furry coat, and white snow boots (try UGG Boots), and a princess type full on dress underneath, apparently you are running on so much adrenaline on the day, that you don't notice the cold during the ceremony!!

    Unfortunately we couldn't get married at The Ice Chapel because they only offer a christian service in the church and my H2b is Jewish, they did offer a civil ceremony in the ice hotel, but it felt like second best, cos the ice chapel looks amazing!!

    So we've gone completely different and are getting married in Langkawi in Malaysia!! - much to the relief of my mother in law to b, who hates the cold!!!

    Good luck

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