We fly in a week!!!

Can't believe it, after booking the honeymoon a year ago - we fly next Sunday!!! (flying to Vegas to get married on the 29th).

I feel quite lucky, as I have taken all next week off work to finalise things, but have still got quite a lot to do, so I'm sure this week will fly by too.



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    oh my goodness vegas its come round so quick!!

    does not seem so long ago since we were there and i still have to put my photos on!!

    you are going to have such a fantastic time

  • Hiya Kel - it doesn't seem 2 minutes since you went!

    You're the reason I found this website BTW - I was looking for the best way to transport my dress for the flight, and found your posting. It sounded like you had a fab time in Vegas, really magical! Just hope mine is as memorable (only the 2 of us going).

    Collect my dress on Tuesday, after a couple of last-minute adjustments. My bezzie mate came with me last week for a fitting, and I took my tiara, jewellery and bouquet (I have made a silk one, to use in Vegas, then for the reception back home) and I was so chuffed with her reaction - she was speechless, and even texted me the next day to say how beautiful I looked. Up until then, I have done it all on my own, designed the outfit, looked at materials etc... and it was lovely to get a second opinion.

    Look forward to seeing some of your pictures posted,

    all the best,


  • bride1bride1 Posts: 1,664
    keep waitin for my hubby(love saying that!!) to help me put photos on cos im usless....

    he cant understand why im still on here, MEN!!!

    cant wait to share your experience, good to know im the reason your here

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