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hi vicks!

you posted that your getting married in vegas in april like me and i want to compare details with you!

lou x

(sorry just realised this is in wrong forum, wanted weddings abroad?)

Hi Louwalshy,

Yep, i'm an April Vegas Bride too - 199 days according to my counter!!!

How you getting on with all your plans? Whereabouts in Vegas are you actually getting married?



  • I'll see you there!!! Also 199 days to our Vegas wedding - can't wait. Scary when you see the days worked out for you.... and then look at the 'to do' list!! Still, that's what we signed up for when we said yes, eh?
  • Hi vegas07,

    I've been plodding along quite smugly thinking i'm quite organised, but i sat down the other night with my "to do" list and started to panic a little!!

    How you getting on with your plans? Where abouts are you getting married in Vegas? I've got a friend flying out there on Thursday to do it, can't wait til she gets back to get all the goss!!

  • hi vicks and vegas!

    i have booked to stay at the bellagio for seven nights then we fly to florida for seven nights.

    we are getting married in the viva las vegas wedding chapel outside gazebo on 11th

    have not booked anything for the evening yet maybe just a meal, have either of you booked a reception?

    i have ordered my dress ( this has better pics than the actual site!)

    still not sure on how many people are coming with us, its at least 20!

    sister is going to make bm dresses but still need to choose material!

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  • Looks like all three of us will be in vegas at the same time!!!

    Louwalshy, love your dress, it's gorgeous. Mine in on my avatar but it's not a very good pic, i'll have to find some better ones. Have you decided on shoes/tiara, etc?

    We have about 20 people coming also. Have you decided where you are going to have your meal after the wedding?? There are so many restaurants to choose from huh? We are getting married in Caesar's so we have picked one in there just to keep everything in the one place. I'm getting so excited!!!

  • your dress looks fab too! where is it from so i can look at the site?

    no have just started looking at restaurants and was thinking of bellagio cos i want to have pics took there same as truly but all the menus sound very posh and i just like quite plain foods (boring!) but also they say you cant book until 3 months before?

    its all so exciting isnt it!

    i have ordered a cream veil to match the dress but still havent looked at shoes, need quite flat ones as im 6ft and about 2 inches taller than h2b!

    2 of my sisters have tiaras and both want me to wear theirs so will have to try them 1st!

    what about your hair make up and nails?

    definately want hair and nails done in bellagio but think will get one of my sisters to help with make up!

    how long you in vegas for?


    x x x x
  • it's from Venus Bridal, but that pic on my avatar is the only pic on the site. I can't wait for it to arrive to try it on again. I went through a little phase of having second thoughts about it but i'm over it now!!

    6ft? Gosh, can i have some of your height please? I am only 5ft 1in so i'll need skyscraper heels so i don't look like a midget next to h2b!!

    We have reserved one of the party rooms at Joe's in Caesars. Food sounds great but it's still quite informal, which is how we want to keep it.

    Still need to decide on menu, etc but that can wait a few months. Just wanted to get the actual booking out of the way.

    We chose quite a good pacakge at Caesars so practically everything is thrown in, including my hair and make up, beauty treatments, nails, etc.

    I'm just actually getting round to booking the flights this week. I think we will be there for about 7 days with all our family and friends then we go onto Hawaii for 7 days ourselves - i am SO excited about that!!!

    What about flowers, etc. Have you thought about what you would like? You mentioned having bridesmaids. What colour you fancying for them?

    Vicks x

  • cant beleive you havent booked your flights, that was the 1st thing i did!

    are you staying in ceasars?

    im having 3 bm (2 grown ups and my 3yr old neice) from the start wanted either me in pink or bms in pink. i didnt find any for me in pink so wanted bms in pink. but since i have chosen my dress think gold would look great with it. are you having bms?

    my flowers were included in the packace but have upgraded to 24 pink roses, how about you?
  • Oh no, you have me all worried now!! How long ago did you book your flights? If you don't mind me asking, where are you flying from and did you get a good price??

    Gold sounds lovely, and i think it will go with your dress perfectly. I didn't plan on having bridemaids as when we first booked it there wasn't very many of us going, but now that the numbers are going up i might end up changing my mind. It would be my sis and my best pal and i think i would have them in pink!

    Yeah, we are staying in Ceasar's. I think a couple of our guests are too but most of them are just doing their own thing. You must be sooo hyper about staying in the bellagio, it's supposed to be amazing!

    I got a brochure through from the in-house florist at Ceasar's and think i am going to go for pale pink and cream cala lilies.

  • only booked less than a month ago cos recently moved house and that took over!

    we are flying from manchester to gatwick then to las vegas then to orlando then back to manchester. we booked on last but had to do multi destination (obviously) we are flying with virgin and the flights were £650 pp.

    cant wait to stay in bellagio it looks fab!

    who is going with you?

    my parents 3 sisters and their partners and neice and nephew and nan from my side.

    h2b still isnt sure about his side. he has got 4 brothers and 3 sisters but doubt they will all come (hope not gazebo only holds 30!) his mum wont fly and decided to tell us after we had booked it that it was her 60th birthday the day after we marry! (she knew when we were planning to book it but didnt say anything before!) so that prob rules out his dad too.

    friends are all being really dificult about it, one has her sisters hen do that may be then but isnt even booked, but she said that her sister has to book the hen do so that other people can attend!!! (does that mean i should just book my wedding around her?)

    other is a teacher and has told me that if she comes it is stopping her buying a house ( what stopped her before that was her ex had his own house!)

    so maybe no friends there.

    also h2b is having probs with picking best man, his 1st choices brother is getting married in mexico in may so he cant afford both and his 2nd choice is totally skint!
  • Well hopefully i will get our flights booked this week. We are in Aberdeen so going to drive down to Glasgow and get the direct flight from there.

    Sounds like we are having similar problems when it comes to guests. I know for definite that my mum, dad, sis, 2 good friends and their partners are coming plus my auntie and uncle. But guests on H2B's side seem to be growing by the day (his mum is going a bit mad and inviting everyone she knows - even people we don't really know) and our chapel in Caesars only holds up to 30 aswell so getting a bit worried! Plus it's easy for people to say "yeah, we'll come" and then when it comes to booking everything they will pull out. Don't want to push people for a definite answer because it's lovely that they are even thinking about coming all that way but i kinda need to know numbers for tables and menu's, etc.

    Best Man is a bit of a problem for H2B also, as his best mate gets married in Barbados 5 weeks before us so money is a bit tight so that's why we are sort of sticking to having no attendants just to make it easier.

    What made you pick Vegas by the way?

  • i wish my guests would just say yes or no but as you say dont wanna put pressure on them!

    i picked las vegas cos didnt really want a big fuss and everyone looking at me (or so i thought) now im loving arranging it and cant wait for everyone to see me in my dress. never been there before but always said i wanted to get married there! how about you?

    just had a funny coincidence in work someone offered to loan me her daughters tiara and i was too polite to say no so she showed me some pictures and her daughter was wearing my dress!!!!!!!!!it looked fab too.

    how old will you and h2b be when you get married?
  • I'm the same as you. The thought of a big wedding here with all the attention focused on me absolutely horrified me so have always said that i would get married abroad. I've never been to Vegas either, but one of my best mates has been six times and it was her that actually suggested it and once i started looking into it i knew it was where i wanted to go. Originally i had thought of New York but soon forgot about that!

    My god, that is a scary coincidence!! So, are you gonna take the tiara? One of my mum's friends offered me her tiara and i really didn't like it but i took it and said thank you because it was so nice of her!! Don't know what to do, i don't actually think it will really go with my dress anyway so i can just tell her that. I feel bad though!!

    I'll be 27 and he'll be 35. What about you?

  • i was gonna use the excuse that the tiara wont go with my dress but theres no chance of that now that shes got the same dress as me! ill have a proper look but can always say im wearing my sisters.

    we were going to go to new york instead of orlando after vegas but h2b wanted to go back to orlando!

    we ll both be 27 when we marry.
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