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wedding announcement/invitation/save-the-date combo?!

Hi all

I'm thinking of sending round an announcement/invitation/save-the-date sort of thing for our up-coming Vegas wedding (5 April 07). I want to say something along the lines of: this is what we're doing, come if you fancy it, but don't worry if you can't make it we're having a big knees up when we get back....

So really I'm just wondering if any of you weddings abroad ladies have sent out something similar? And if you have can what did you write?

thanks in advance



  • Hi Rach,

    How exciting, i bet you can't wait....

    Im getting in June in Cyprus, ive sent out invitations, ive done them the usual way, we've done them coming from my mum and dad, just as though you were doing it over here..

    I sent mine out a while ago, i did just before the brochures were coming out for 2007!!!!! so it gave people plenty of it gives people time to save.....

    i also did a RSVP date aswell.....

    We are having a party for the return, which those invitations will be from us.......

    Hope this helps you at all.....

    Let me know what you decide....

    Caroline x
  • thanks Caroline - sounds like i've got a bit of catching up to do! It's not that i'm being slack... we only booked it last week!
  • Hi Vegas07

    I sent out a 'save the date' flyer about 9 months before our wedding. (Got married 4 weeks ago in Tuscany, Italy) the flyer said words to the effect of... we are getting married in a town called Tuscany, Italy and would really like you to join us to share our special day but we do understand if this is not possible for you due to the location we have chosen. We are also arranging a party when we get back to celebrate our marriage which we would also love you to attend.

    Invites for the wedding day to follow.

    Hope this helps with the wording.

    You will have a fab day wherever you go.

    Mine was perfect, fab dress, glorious sunshine, little cobbled streets, ceremony in the town hall, reception in a typical tuscan restaurant serving local chianti wines with a terrace overlooking the hills of Tuscany, an excellent 5 course gourmet meal and to top it all really good company....and the people you want to be there not people whom you feel obliged to invite (ie distant relatives that you havent seen for 10 years etc)!!!

    I would do it all again (with the same bloke of course) tomorrow!!!

    Keep us all posted

  • We didnt know what to put either so found this poem invite on an invite website so I used that:

    Love fills a lifetime

    and a lifetime begins this hour

    when the two of us




    begin a new life together

    on Monday, 23rd October, 2006

    at 1.00 p.m.

    Ayia Kyriaki, St Paul's Church

    Paphos, Cyprus

    Please join us on this special occasion.

    Everyone we invited already knew we were having a big party when we got back so we didnt put that in, just sent out seperate invites for the party nearer the time.



  • Hi Vegas 07, I'm getting married in Las Vegas as well only 73 days to go. We are having the wedding streamed over the internet so everone at home that can't make the trip can watch the wedding. We sent out 'Watch the Wedding' invites a couple of weeks ago with the details of how they can log on from home.
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