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Mosquito Bites

Have just got back from my planning visit to Lake Garda and have the most unsightly giant mosquito bite on my leg - I am a complete mosquito magnet and repellants don't seem to work!! Am really worried I get bitten on my arms / shoulders / back / face (god forbid!) when I go out for my actual wedding next August.

Does anyone know if there's something I can take prior to travelling to stop mosquitos being so attracted to me and if there's something that gets rid of the redness quickly?

With the bites, frizzy hair and prickly heat I may end up being the most hideous bride ever!!


  • Hey there,

    There's a post on here somewhere about malarial tablets and I recommended using Avon Skin So Soft products to repel mosquitoes.

    I haven't used it myself but have been told its the best product to use. Look up the topic about malaria tablets and you'll see some other people who agree that it's good!
  • When we went to Greece last year I got bitten all over, I bought all the repellants and after bite stuff but nothing worked and they just got redder and redder! Then one of the locals told me to dab vinegar on the bites, it totally worked, the redness went and the itching stopped! And if you dab it on as soon as you get out of the shower, by the time you go out, the smells more or less gone!!

  • Soltan do a insect repellent suntan lotion and aftersun, you can get it at Boots. To reduce the redness apply dulited tea tree oil.
  • Hi

    TCP (Liquid) works well on Mossie bites as well.

  • I know this sounds stupid but don't certain foods repel them? I heard somwhere that eating garlic helps (though this presents a whole new problem in itself!)
  • Isn't the garlic for vampire bites image - Only kidding - I think you're right in that the vitamins in some foods help repel mosquito bites - I'll maybe go in to Holland and Barratt and ask. Thanks for all the advice - I think I remember someone telling me that the Avon stuff is quite good and I'm about to try the vinegar trick so hopefully I'll get something that works for me by next year.

    I've got the added worry that I am allergic to most fake tans (not good when your freckly and blue) and thought I had found one that worked for me (Dove Holiday Glow). However woke up this morning and I have a rash creeping up both wrists - the same rash I have had with all gradual fake tans, and any professional tans I have had done. So I'm going back to work tomorrow with a rash up my arms and a bite the size of a small country on my leg.

    Maybe I should have decided on a winter wedding!!!

  • Hello

    Mrsetobe- I took Vit B12 before I went to Egypt one and got bitten twice when everyone around was covered! I read it in a health mag..

    I think they go to bite but don't like the smell/taste so don't! You need to take it a week or two before to get it into your system (or just eat loads of marmite!!) - that and the usual insect repellants....

    Moziguard (think thats how you spell it!) is very very good but reaks! Not what you want on your wedding day/honeymoon!!!

  • hey another good tip (i.e. good cos its nice!) is to drink gin & tonic!!! The tonic water has quinine in it which repels mossies!

    Good luck
  • Thanks Charlie - Vitamin B12 was what I was thinking about. Will give it a try and use the Avon moisturiser.

    Shoegal - like your tip - G&T won't be a problem. It's usually my drink of choice but tend to drink wine more when I'm on holiday.
  • I use Avon Skin so soft and its brilliant! I never thought it would work but it does, it also smells nice and makes your skin glow! My manager is an Avon lady and said they wont advertise it as a repellant because it wouldnt sell as much. Her sales of it have gone through the roof since we all used it and I now get a bottle a month!

    (For those that have horses and suffer with bites you can also use it on them but you need to dilute it first! If you do a search on google it will tell you all about it).

    Also if you have any bites or cuts etc that you think will scar put 100% Aloe Vera Gel on (Holland and Barrett sell this). It also speeds up the healing process.

  • Bride28Bride28 Posts: 255
    Hi there

    'Tiger balm' is also very good on mosi bites. And our rep in the Maldives this year said lemon juice is also very good.

    I too seem to attract mosquitos by the hundred so I sympathise with you! I hadn't really thought about that at the wedding yet....uh ohhhh. Lol.

    Take care, Nat
  • Hiya, I'm a mozzie-magnet too and am allergic to them, so I get bitten all over and the bites swell up like golf balls! I've just come back from Greece and this year added anti-histamine tables to the list of repellents, treatments creams, plug-in things, and they REALLY worked! I started taking them a few days before I went, and carried on throughout the holiday (non-drowsy ones, of course!) and I only got 2 bites which didn't swell at all!
  • Mr NikkiW

    Superb - you've just found me my dream dress - it even comes with a veil!!!

    Cheers everyone for the tips - am glad to hear there are other mossie magnets out there.
  • u need to get insect repellent which contains DEET. u can get it from boots or superdrug and can spray directly on your skin (not broken) hair and clothes and works most of the day before another need of a spray. when i was in kenya a couple of wks ago i used it everyday and came home bite free!
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