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Has anyone ever got married in Hong Kong - we plan to in February - we have booked flights and the hotel, but we cant book the civil service until 3 months in advance - so if we cant, then no-one else can presumably, so we hope to be okay. However, I am worried about other things - if you are travelling economy class on the plane, where do you put your dress/outfit - I dont want to crush it - has anyone ever asked the staff to hang up items? Do they charge? I have read info on Cathay Pacific's website and its seems they might - but I also dont know if I have to arrange extra luggage in advance (I know the solution would be to go first class, but thats just a little out of our budget image - Any ideas or hints from anyone who may have done this before I would love to hear from you.

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    hi pat im getting married in vegas in july and having the same worries about my dress. its quite full and i deffinatlely dont want to let it out of my sight! thought about getting one of those boxes for the overhead locker but not sure. phoned airline and they wernt too helpful. if you hear of any thing let me know and i'll keep you posted x
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