I am looking to get married in Sorrento next year and just wondering whether anyone has any experiences of it good or bad! that they can share with me think going to book with Thomas Cook


  • Check out We think we're going to be using this company as they have great reviews (you can read them on the website and get in touch with previous couples if you email them). They do specialise in Tuscan weddings but there are some beeeeeeeeautiful locations. Good Luck!x
  • XixiukXixiuk Posts: 10
    There's a run-down of tour operators etc in the book "A Marriage Made in Italy" (try looking on ebay). Thomas Cook I believe don't tell you your wedding date till you get to the resort, so it depends on whether that bothers you, or whether you're expecting many guests.

    I got married in Sorrento last year and used The Book of Dreams, an independent co-ordinator in Sorrento. They were faultless.
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