Anyone arranged legalities themselves for a cyprus wedding??

Can anyone help????

I'm gonna try and attempt to arrange all the legal sides of things myself for my wedding in Paphos, as it seems every co-ordinator has a charge for this (and i'm on a budget!)

I don't know where to start?? I've e-mailed the civil marriage office to get advice on what to do, but have not heard back yet?

Just wondered if any of you B2B out there have done it yourselves?



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    hi, i've just got married in paphos 3 weeks ago, we did do it though a wedding company but when we got there we had to go the the registrars office and register our intent to marry, this had to be paid for at the time and we were also charged a "call out " fee as our wedding was mid afternoon, that was all we had to do in resort. You do have to provide them with affidavits which we had done by my solicitor.
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    I am sorting everything myself, in fact the only thing that i am booking through a planner is the vintage/chicken bus and that's only because i don't know how to contact them directly in Ayia Napa.

    If Paphos is like Ayia Napa you will need to contact the Municipality wedding officer, google this it should come up with a result.

    Tell them you want to book your wedding, have a date and time in mind, as mine was booked for me there and then over an email.

    Then ask them to fax/email a copy of the documents required.

    Wedding should cost approx £200 GBP, payable to them in cash when you arrive in resort to register your marriage.

    Affadavits from our solicitor are costing me £30 GBP each + vat. They have advised me to get these, at the most 3 months before we get married.


    Birth certificates, (some ask for long/full)

    The only thing i wasn't sure on was the Banns read in your local Town Hall, but i think the Affadavit covers it.

    I am getting married in Ayia Napa, but i would of thought They're both on the southern part of the island, so should be same rules.

    Hope i've helped,


  • Hi

    we got married 7 weeks ago in Paralimni town hall and arranged everththing ourselves

    I phoned the town hall and they gave me some dates available and said what we needed to bring with us

    Affadavit were done a few weeks before for £5 each - gave the solicitor a template of what we needed on it

    Hope this helps

  • Thanks for everyones replies.

    If i'm having my ceremony in a hotel, how do i arrange the registrar part myself? Does anyone have a number for them? I've e-mailed, but had no response?


    Ashleigh x
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    Hi Ashleigh I spoke to a lady called Leah at the town hall and she was able to book the registrar straight away tel : 00357 26822353

    Kathy x
  • Thanks Kathy,

    your a star!!!!:\)
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