Wedding in Lake Louise Canada

Is anyone getting married in Canada? We're planning our wedding for January 09 at the Fairmont Chateau on Lake Louise. We've been in touch with a wedding planning company called Rocky Mountain Weddings but we're not sure whether they'll be really expensive or if we'll need them as the wedding is abroad.

We're going on holiday there this Christmas anyway and want to speak to someone at the hotel about booking a date etc.

If anyone has been to a wedding there or is planning one there get in touch!:\)


  • Wow that would be amazing!! I would love to do that! Sorry no advice but I just wanted to say I am jealous!
  • Last month I attended a wedding at the Fairmont Banff in Alberta, Canada.

    It was a beautiful, outdoor ceremony and totally unique. They even had a horse drawn sleigh through the woods to the wedding site.
  • Hi there,

    I actually looked into getting married at the chateau so have got quite alot of info on it. The company you mentioned are who I contacted at the time and they were fantastic and could answer all of my queries. However there do obviously charge a fee, its not overly expensive but the packages in Canada do seem quite expensive compared to other destinations.

    I would definitely recommend a planner though due to the legalities and as its quite a specialised destination they can really point you in the right direction.

    If you want anything please dont hesitate to ask.


    Mel x
  • Hi Mel, thanks for your reply.

    Do you know what portion of their package is rocky mountain weddings fee? The mount fairview package is $6950 on their website and seems to include everything except your dress/grooms suit and food for guests. I guess we're just curious to know exactly what we'd be paying for her services!

    I'm hoping that when we meet with her when we go over this Christmas she'll answer our questions and put our minds at ease - I don't really like the idea of arranging everything myself, I think it would be a constant worry in the months before the wedding!

    Hope you don't mind me asking, but what put you off having yours at the chateau, where have you ended up booking?


  • Hi Lou,

    The only reason we didnt end up going to Canada was we've had a baby and decided it would be too far for him so young and also my grandparents wanted to be somewhere warm!! So we've ended up going to cyprus.

    If i remember rightly when we worked it all out separately the wedding planner fee was about £500 which for what they do is quite reasonable ive heard so many good reports when i was looking into it and i even spoke to them on the phone and they seemed very professional and willing to help with anything.

    Im sure they will answer all of your questions and the hotel looks absolutely superb!!

    Keep me posted!

    Mel x
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