Hand Baggage Restrictions Relaxed

All those travelling soon will be glad to know the hand baggage restrictions have now been relaxed to allow passengers to take on board a small roller suitcase (56cm x 45cm x 25cm). The information on the BBC website also says people will be allowed to take on things like musical instruments separately so this might mean wedding dresses can be taken on board again.


  • Thanks for that bit of up-to-date info. As i'm not getting married till August 07 i think i'll have to keep checking as the date approaches!! Fingers crossed i can take it on with me! xx
  • Not getting married until Aug 07 either but have been keeping a beady eye anyway. Really want to take my dress on with me - my friend lost her suitcase in all the chaos the other week and don't want that to happen with my dress!!
  • oh no poor thing!! I can't imagine what that would feel like. I am determined to keep my dress as near as possible. Fingers crossed that come August all will be well for us! When are you flying out?
  • Think I'm flying out on 22nd for my wedding on 25th but still waiting for final confirmation of the date. Flying to Bergamo with Ryanair for my wedding at Lake Garda. What about you?
  • Can you take things like moisturisers - cos the airplane atmosohere always dries my skin out and I want to pull up to the Bellagio in Vegas looking fabulous! I fly out on the 13th November after my wedding on the 11thimage

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  • Oh you have made my day. We fly out in 3 weeks and I picked my dress up on Monday and the ddressmaker showed me how to fold it into the small roller suitcase which I am hoping and praying I can take on board.

    The measurements are within the size stated on the BBC but slightly bigger than those on the Thomas Cook airline website but Im hoping If I beg & plead enough that they'll still let me take it on. If not it will be plastered in Fragile stickers for the hold.

    I will be putting up a fight though if I have to !!!!!!!!!

    Come between me and my dress at your peril !!!!!!!


  • mrs e to be - i think i'll fly out in the first few days of august for our wedding on the 11th - ah i can't wait!!

    tubs - my H2B works at an aiport in security and he's saying that fluid based items (even mosturiser) is still not allowed on - but keep ckeaking cause it really does keep changing.

    zozo - good luck i hope u manage to persude them to let u on with it, email us afterwards to let us know!!

    C xxxxxx
  • That's right tubs. BBC site says no liquids. Put moisturiser in the front pocket of your case (If you have one) and slap it on as soon as it comes of the carousel!

    zozo - good luck. Cling nto that case with all your might. Just don't create another security alert ; )

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