Flowers for Wedding in Cyprus

Hi all,

Was wondering if anyone new of a good place to buy silk flowers?

I am getting married in Cyprus and I have been advised to take my flowers with me rather than buy them out there!!

I just don't know where to start with finding nice silk ones??

Can anyone help?

Leanne :\?


  • Sorry that was meant to say "knew" not new!

    Panic is starting to overide!!
  • nanauknanauk Posts: 990
    Hi leanne, I am also getting married in Cyprus and Iam considering taking flowers with me . I have ordered samples and a childs bouquet of roses . I really like them ,they are not really silk I'm not sure how you would describe them.Althugh I just can't say 100% that I don't want real flowers it's so hard to know what to do!!!!!!!

    sorry I just went off on one there!

  • I got married in Cyprus, the flowers I had were great and really not that expensive. 3 x big bouquets (2 bouquets for me and one for my sister), 11 button holes and also 11 single stems for £100!!!

    Are you worried about not getting the flowers you want?
  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Hi Leanne

    try Ask for Paris


    e-mail [email protected]

    Tele 00357 26275757

  • gunnogunno Posts: 171

    I think if you're having a party on your return then silk flowers are nice, so you can display them on the buffet table, etc. The other reason i'm getting silk is because we no longer have my dad and i would like to put my bouquet on his grave. I have ordered mine from a lady who sells packages through ebay, i have ordered:

    1 teardrop bouquet for me

    2 adult posies

    1 8 year old posie

    2 tiny posies

    3 double male buttonhole

    1 mother corsage

    20 buttonholes

    All for £110 delivered and fully insured,

    Everyones different!!!

    Vikki x
  • new-mrsbnew-mrsb Posts: 2,015 New bride
    Hi Girls, ive just come back from getting married in Cyprus and i had real flowers, i have to admit i was a bit worried as i hadn't seen what they do but mine were fabulous, exactly what i wanted and they lasted days in our room.
  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Hi Kev is that the right email address? it 'bounced' back to me undelivered. Can you double check for me please?


  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Hi Kathy

    Sorry should read

    [email protected]

  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Hi Kathy

    Sorry should read

    [email protected]

  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Thanks Kev
  • Hi everyone,

    Well this had made me think.

    I hadnt even thought about having silk flowers but it sounds like a really good idea especially as you will have a constant reminder of the day and can use them at a reception once you return!!

    My only worry is what silk flowers would be like?? All that keeps going through my mind is the flowers you see in old pubs stuck in the windows covered in dust!!

    Has anyone got any photos of silk flowers they've had or any ideas of some websites i could have a look at.

    Much appreciated

    Mel x

  • nanauknanauk Posts: 990
    Hi Mel,

    I have some samples of button holes and a childs bouquet which I got from Sarahs Flowers

    There are quite a few girls on here who have used them , just do a search on here and you should get some more web adresses

  • Thanks for all your replies!!

    I have ages to plan but was starting to get myself into a panic!! Is that normal girls??

    I will def check out all the options you've suggested.


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