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Msg for claire_ebejer

Hi Claire - it's Nick's sister - just thought I'd say hi as came accross one of your earlier posts. Guessing this is a forum you are likely to to read quite a lot!

Thanks for the rsvp to our wedding!

Hope all your planning is going well. If you need any hints or tips, give me a shout!

Bex x


  • hiya!!

    Wow - that was a surprise! Hope all is going well - i'm excited about the invitation to your wedding thanks so much! Hope all plans etc are going well, you must be all sorted now? How long to go?

    I might take you up on your offer of help, being the first of all my friends to get married I don't have any1 to provide me with some handy hints!!

    Lovely to hear from you!

    Claire xx

    P.S i loved the invitations - they are fab!!

  • bex02bex02 Posts: 99
    I know - couldn't believe it when I saw your name!

    Thanks - really glad you liked the invitaions - was a bit worried about what people would think!

    10 weeks to go on Saturday - getting very excited now! However, things are far from finnished. In fact, my to do list is still rather long!

    I will get nick to pass on my phone number - perhaps we could meet for a coffee - hopefully I will have some useful tips for you!

    Bex x
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