help! marrying in jamaica-party at home

please help!- i'm getting married in jamaica but i'mhaving a party at home in a lovely venue. I'm not sure how to organise the party at home -should I make it like a wedding -wedding breakfast and buffet or just likea big party with a buffet at night. Im not sure!!!-any ideas?


  • Hi Jenny

    I am getting married in Gibraltar and having a blessing at home. We are having a blessing at 5pm at our local church and then going straight to the reception.

    I dont think you need to have a wedding breakfast at home when you have been married abroad. People will love the chance to congratulate you and join in your celebrations by just having a party and buffet.

  • lvp83lvp83 Posts: 820
    Hi Jenny

    I am getting married in Florida next July and am in the process of organising a party for when we get back. I think it all depends on what you want to do. I wanted ours more of a party than a wedding reception and have gone for disco and dj with a bbq.

    I don't think people will except the full wedding breakfast and buffet.

  • I'm getting married inJamaica next year and having a wedding reception 3 days after we come back.

    The wedding oparty are all wearing their outfits and we're going to have a first dance and cut the cake, maybe speeches and have also organised an entertainment package. We're having a buffeet rather than sit down as we'll have that over in Jamaica.

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