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Hi all,

just a little advice about invitations, firstly wheres the best place to get them from? Secondly when do you send out the invitations, we're not getting married until July 2009, however we want to give our friends and family plenty of notice, so they can book their holidays to join us! We dont know what to do for the best, we'll probably have a date for the wedding by January as the wedding planner said they can usually give dates in advance, at the moment, everyone knows what we want to do! I was thinking about sending Save the Date around end of feb is this too presumptious? then leaving the invites til december/jan next year 2008/09! Should we write a letter to our family and friends telling them what we are planning? Its all so confusing!

Thank-you for all your help and advice!

Sarah x



  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Hi Sarah,

    I'm getting married May next year in Cyprus and I sent 'save the date' cards in May, I also set up a wedding website to keep people updated when the church was booked and I secured the reception etc. I plan to send my invites late December with RSVP by Feb. Hope that helps

    Kathy x
  • Kathy,

    How do i set up a weding website? Sounds stupid i know, but i'm not a whizz on the computer!!


    Ashleigh ;\)
  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Ooooh I found this free site, basically you choose a template and then you can add all of your information to personalise it. It will count down how many days until the Big Day then after a month or so the site will be closed down unless you choose to buy it on a CD as a momento. it's called on the front page it will say 'click for free website' and then you'll be able to choose the style of your website then off you go! Here's mine.. x
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