where h2b sleeping night before wedding ? !!!

hi girls

have you all decied where h2b sleeping night before wedding as we all going to be out the country i cant see staying together the night before been a problem as we dont get wed till the afternoon think it will be nice to have sometime together in the moring then ship him next door to the rest of the family.

what you lot think have you planned anythink yet ?



  • Hi,

    We've been thinking the same thing, we don't get married until 6pm, so we'd have a whole day really.

    Plus it'd be nice to spend some time together in the morning to calm the nerves and go over the arrangements for the day. Then like you say, just send him next door!

    People think it's bad luck, but i'm not sure i believe all that anyway!

    Where are you getting married?

  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Hey jo

    We are staying together! We have been together for nearly 10 years so that tradition is out the window! We'll be too excited anyway!! We plan to have breakfast together then go our seperate ways until he sees me floating down the isle!

  • rachaelafryrachaelafry Posts: 4,271
    I am with Cyrpusbride on that one, we have been together 15 years so we are staying at our house with our 2 kids the night before then I am kicking him out in the morning (once he has done the breakfast and fed the kids whilst I have a breakdown)! x
  • Hi ladies.

    We get married in the evening so we're staying together and having breakfast together. His family aren't impressed with that but I think I'll be a bag of nerves if I don't see him.
  • Its not up to anyone else, you do what you want - its your wedding day!

  • Hello,

    We are all staying in a villa together, but we are spending the night before and the day apart. We are getting married at 6pm. I am sleeping in my friends room the night before and then girls have the pool until 12 - then pampering and boys have the pool from 12 until 4- and then they had better get ready. Then meeting at the alter at 6. Not because of tradition, just because I think it would be nice.

  • hi girls

    thanks for all your thoughts we getting wed in cyprus think we defo stop together the night before bet a few will have a moan but hay its our big day and we will do what we want !!

    when are all you lot geting wed then im getting scared now only 6 months and feel like iv got loads to do but i havent well i dont think so anyway just been to get my youngest bridesmaids dress so going to love it shes only 3.

    keep in touch all

  • We're staying in a villa too and spending the night before together, then we'll have breakfast together. I think I will get ready upstairs in the villa and H2B downstairs as he doesn't want to be shipped off elsewhere. lolimage He will have to leave earlier than me too.

    We get married at 12.30, I am going to ask the rest of the family not to call before 11am to get ready as I want to chill out and have hair and make up done on my own. Don't want to be getting stressed hours before the wedding. Oh I am such a bore!! x
  • SarahJTSarahJT Posts: 150

    I think its up to what you want to do,Im getting married in Las Vegas we are staying and getting married in the Venetian hotel. We have spoke about this and I think my H2B is going to stay either with his dad or his friends at a different hotel the night before as nobody yet as booked to stay in the Venetian.Then my two bridesmaids also my best friends are going to stay with me and we are going to have a girlie night in. My concern is that he might take a peep at my wedding dress in the hotel as we are going to be there for 6 days before we get married.

  • Sarah.

    I have the same worry. We're there 4 8 days before. He says he won't look but maybe curiosity will get the better of him. Thinking of asking my mum to have it but worried about it being carted about incase something happens to it.

    God it's these little details that are stressing me out!

    Jo. Only 6 months to go for me too and I feel like you. Most of it's done but then there are things I haven't even thought about. H2B hasn't got the suits yet, or picked them, and it's bugging me now! Going to pick our rings at the end of Jan. Has anyone got theirs yet? Is it difficult? I have no idea what sort of thing I want. My engagement ring is a very simple white gold princess solitaire so think a plain band would be nice.
  • hi sarah

    you really think h2b will take a peep at your dress? he will have to be told !

    cant it be left with someone esle mines with me mum and

    will be when we get to cyprus think my h2b would like a peep too !

    mrs dawe your not a bore if you no you will get stessed its best thing to do be alone to chill out before you get everyone round. im just haveing me mum head bridesmaid and me best friend whos me hairdressers round me when im getting ready the other bridesmaids are young and will defo stress me out they can stay with mother in law to be !!

  • gunnogunno Posts: 171

    I am also getting married in Cyprus next May, and this is one of the things we have spoke about recently.

    We have decided that h2b will stay with brother in law and there 1 year old son, and my sister will stay with me and my 8 year old daughter = girlie pamper time!!!, 30 of us going out so this plan could change, a few times!!!

    Vikki x
  • new-mrsbnew-mrsb Posts: 2,015 New bride
    hi girls, mind if an old bride joins in?, i got married in cyprus 5 weeks ago and me and h2b stayed together the night before. The only thing i would say is that everybody had their hair done in my room on the morning of our wedding and because of this it made me late getting ready because i couldn't put my dress on until everybody had left, which meant we didn't have time to do it up properly. On hind sight i wish they had all had it done in their own room and left me plenty of time to get ready, don't make the same mistake as me girls. Good luck to you all
  • vicki2323vicki2323 Posts: 2,451
    My h2b will stay with bridesmaids boyfriend in a different hotel and bridesmaid and me will be staying in what will be our honeymoon suite for a pamper session.
  • lvp83lvp83 Posts: 820

    I'm getting married in Florida next year and staying in a villa. the in laws mentioned what we would do the night b4 and i had assumed we wud stay together - their faces dropped! As we are not going for a traditional type wedding i am not bothered about keeping with this tradition. i will prob go and get ready at the hotel we are getting married at - though we are not getting married until 5pm so will have most of the day together.

    Interesting topic though...i did think i cud be alone in doing it this way....
  • RosapennyRosapenny Posts: 4,249

    We are getting at 10am in Florida in July and h2b's mother insisted that as soon as she arrives in Florida that he is to stay with her until we get married. I didnt want this but he decided to avoid the arguments and is going to stay there. Im not one for tradition but in this case I didnt have much choice.
  • hi rosa

    you pair should do what you want its not up too mother in law 2b.

    sounds abit like my mother in law to be but im too strong mined to let anyone tell me arguments or not its you big day and dont forget it !! lol x
  • lvp83lvp83 Posts: 820
    Roslyn - how long are you in Florida before you get married? this seems really awful of your mil2b to tell you what to do!
  • Rosa.

    That's what my mil2b said but I turned it into a bit of a joke. Told her not too be so old fashioned and that we had booked a lovely room we wanted to stay in together. We are on the island 8 days b4 the wedding so that was a ridiculous idea! Then she suggested we stay apart the night b4 but seeing as we live together already and I need him there to calm my nerves in the morning we have both said no.

    If you're happy with the arrangement than go ahead, but don't do it just to save arguments. It's not worth it!!
  • ImpatientUKImpatientUK Posts: 1,660
    my h2b will be staying at the hotel down the road and im staying at the wedding venue with my family.
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