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Ceremony Costs in Cyprus

Hello All,

Does anybody know how much it will cost for a wedding licence next year? Also how it works having a Catholic ceremony at a hotel?

We are having a Catholic ceremony at our hotel and going to Peiya Town Hall a couple of days earlier and I am not sure how much we should be paying for each aspect??

I keep hearing £165CY at the moment but my co ordinator is asking for £200CY as a deposit??

Any info would be gratefully received!! :\?




  • IanDBIanDB Posts: 510
    Contact Suzie on 00357 99613715 & ask her , I think that is right CYP165 who is your wedding co-ordinator ?

  • Hi

    Thanks, you gave me Suzie's number a few months ago!

    Isn't the CYP165 for the licence &/or the civil bit rather than the Catholic bit???

    Tasoulla from Anesis is my co ordinator

  • wedcowedco Posts: 268
    The Marriage License is 165cyp all over the island. The civil ceremony is covered in this fee if holding it at the town hall. If holding the civil at the hotel before the catholic one, they will ask for another fee for the registrar, this fee varies.

    Are you sure your coordinator is asking for 200cyp not 200UK sterling?

    kerry x
  • Hi

    Yep she says CYP200 or 341.72 euros.

    It is a civil ceremony at the time which we are not really inviting our guests to, as we are having the main catholic ceremony a couple of days later at the hotel that everyone is coming to.

    Many thanks for your help - I think I need to clarify some things with her before I hand over any cash!!

  • kathysukkathysuk Posts: 518
    Hi Cleem, you might find that the deposit is for Anesis' services. The licence is def 165cyp. We were going to have a civil service then blessing by a minister after and we were going to pay the licence fee of 165cyp, the registrars fee of £200cyp for coming out to the hotel and the ministers fee of 200cyp for performing the service. All of which would be paid when we got there, but we were asked to pay a £150 deposit for the wedding planner to arrange this. In the end we decided to plan the wedding ourselves and the church have agreed to marry us so I don't need those other fees now, only the licence. I hope that clarifies things for you?

  • Thanks Kathy,

    How much did your wedding planner do before you 'sacked' them?? Ours has booked the catholic ceremony & the town hall and that is it so far. I actually contacted the catholic office to check some details directly too. I've arranged the other bits like the photographer myself aswell.

    We haven't paid anything yet but have been emailing her for ages - not that I get speedy replies!!

    Her fee for all the arranging and being there all day on the day is CYP100-300 depending on how much she does. Do you think thats a lot?? I do think she'll be fab on the day as we met her in May and she's lovely!

    ooh didn't I go on??!! Think I'm getting giddy & stressed - its 6 months on friday!!!!



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