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I have just found out that I cannot have a civil ceremony on a saturday and have been asked if i want an anglican ceremony. Does anyone know what the difference is? Can you still have this in the hotel grounds? I think i may just have to change the date we chose to the friday. Please help a confused bride. :\?


  • nanauknanauk Posts: 990
    Is an Anglican Ceremony a religious and a civil ceremony a legal one . or am i wrong.
  • Thats what i thought too, something to do with a religious ceremony.

    Mines on a Friday as it was as close as we could get to the weekend!
  • nanauknanauk Posts: 990
    We are having our civil ceremony on wednesday and church (catholic) ceremony on thr Friday.
  • vicki2323vicki2323 Posts: 2,451
    You don't have to have a civil ceremony if you're having an anglican one but we aren't really religious so were just going to have a civil ceremnoy. What are you having tailor123. By the way it was ann who emailed me about this.
  • Hi,

    We're having a civil ceremony as we're not that religious either. When did Ann get in contact??

    Ashleigh x
  • vicki2323vicki2323 Posts: 2,451
    This morning, just going to email her back now to say i want the friday for a civil. Will let you know if she contacts back soon.
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