Invitations - Poets urgently needed....

Hi everyone, I am desperate for your help...

I am currently sorting out my invitations and the printers are just waiting for me to tell them what I want written in regards to the Gift List.

My partner and I have been together and have lived together for many years now and we already have everything we need home wise. We are also marrying abroad so don't want people lugging over toasters etc !!

We are saving to buy ourselves a new telly and so would like some Curry vouchers instead to help us along the way.

I know I have seen a thread about this before but I have spent over an hour looking but can't seem to find it.

I would love a little poem to put into the invite regarding the above but I am struggling and it has never been one of my strong points.

CAN ANYONE HELP ME?? Our names are Amanda (Mandie) and Richard xx


  • Vicki,

    Thanks for that - I will play around with them for a while!
  • vicki2323vicki2323 Posts: 2,451
    If you're feeling creative you could help me out cause we are looking for money to put towards a new roof. I'm not very good with words. Short and sweet is me.
  • Hi,

    I've searched this on the web to see what people think of giving cash or vouchers, and the sites i found made me feel like i was being really cheeky!!

    They say that you should never expect a gift cos thats not what you invite someone to your wedding for. But i'd always give a gift???

    We would ideally like to ask for money towards our honeymoon (H2B wants to fly onto Thailand from Cyprus) but if our guests are already spending money to fly out and be with us in Cyprus, i don't feel like i can ask for anything.

    Am i just thinking to much about this???

    Ashleigh x
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    Your guests have chosen to spend that money and will no doubt buy you a gift - when you go to any other wedding you have to pay transport costs and for a bed and prob won't get as good a feed (granted it is slightly dearer) and they get a holiday as well, so you might as well get what you want rather than something that will sit in a cupboard gathering dust.
  • Very true!

    I've just looked up that thread that you sent, its got a good poem that i might use.

    Ta x
  • I think people can be a little bit too polite sometimes! Not expect a gift?? Are you kidding me??

    I would never dream of going to a wedding without giving a gift and I certainly would be a little upset if people did the same to me. This is a wedding - not just any old party!!

    I'm not expecting much - even a fiver or tenner would do me - it all adds up! And it would cost them a lot more to eat somewhere else for the evening - let alone purchase drinks!

    Call it an investment.....
  • Ok Ok,

    I'll ask for doe rather than toasters!! Gonna need all the money we can get i suppose!

    Cheers girls!

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    Hi mandiemoo - we are having this little ditty in our invitations - even though it says a small list and its a Debenhams - we need a new set of pans and plate set that matches. but you could always chang a small list to voucher

    "All we would like is a Blessing from you ~ we will Thank You.

    If you wish to give a gift, then we have a small list.

    If you can't decide then we won't hide.

    We wouldn't want to be funny, but we would prefer the money!"

    I hope this helps a little. We have shown it to people and they think its a good idea

    Jan x

  • Hi,

    We asked for money as well as putting a small gift list together as we got married abroad and had a reception on our return last week. We were very surprised by the response and have just banked over £3k in gifts from friends and family which is going to buy a nice new 50" tv then the remainder is going on credit card bills from the wedding!!

    I was not sure at first but even with the gift list we had a few people who gave us vouchers to the same store saying they knew we would have fun choosing for ourselves instead.

    I think it is very much expected in these days of people living together before the wedding!

    Good Luck x
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