Help!! What should I do??

I'm getting married in the Four Seasons Hotel, Limassol, Cyprus on 27th September 2007. My mum & dad are retired out in Cyprus now & have been keeping an eye on the weather to get an idea of what it might be like next year. There have been some days that have been rainy, yesterday was blowing a complete gale & the evenings are getting quite breezy & chilly apparently.

Our ceremony is going to be outside on a terrace in the hotel. Our cocktail reception is going to be close by, outside on the Terrace Bar. And we were planning on having the meal outside, down near the pool area.

I've been umming & ahhing about the outside meal for a while now - you can only have music up until midnight if you're outside &, there's less privacy as people in the nearby restaurant in the hotel can quite happily see what's going on. So I was thinking about moving the evening meal into the ball room anyway.

But with the weather, I don't want the ceremony & outside cocktail reception to be possibly iffy if it rains or is extra windy. Mum & dad think we should maybe move it to the first week in September to be a little bit more guaranteed of stable weather.

What do you all think? Any advice would be very gratefully received!


  • I would say stick with your original plans apart from the main meal like you said.

    Its a shame to be in such lovely surroundings but then have to go indoors.

    So how come Limmasol is cooler than Paphos because according to the reports its still 28 degrees in Paphos in October, Im going in 2 weeks and will be gutted if its windy and rainy, this weeks weather has been 30 degrees so Im hoping it'll be sunny.


  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    Hi Jami,how are you?

    keep with your original plans as zoe said,and move your meal inside...its really nice in the ballroom!

    or get in touch with the hotel to see if you can keep with original plans and may move it inside if the weather isnt at its best...worth a try lol

    Jo x
  • Hi Jo, I'm not too bad thanks :\)

    We've actually decided to change the date of the wedding.

    We just don't want to be worrying running up to the day about the weather, so we're probably going to go for the 7th September 07 and we'll have the evening dinner in the ballroom. Its all change! It all depends on whether the municipality can marry us at 4.30 on the 7th, so fingers crossed for that next hurdle image
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