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Zaffrons help needed

Me and my h2b have booked zaffrons, but have since found out that maybe all is what it seems.

Should be continue with the booking? has anyone been to a reception there?

should we cancel? we still have plenty of time 2 years

advice needed


  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    hi donna,have you tried holiday truths?

    there is alot of info on hotels,restaurants ect...

    hope this helps

    jo x
  • Hi Donna

    Zaffrons do not seem to be displaying the organisation skills needed to be a wedding co-ordinator.

    When I started enquiring about wedding receptions back in Feb this year I spoke with Stella who kindly supplied me with loads of info but we decided on Romantica restaurant in the end and I did e-mail Stella to let her know.

    About a month ago she e-mailed me wanting confirmation of numbers and menu's etc so I replied again reminding her that Id already booked elsewhere.

    I have just 5 minutes ago taken a call from her, she just wanted to check my booking for my wedding reception in 4 weeks time !!

    Unbelieveable, she said she's had to turn down another booking as she wasnt sure if I still needed the venue??!!

    Dont want to put you off or anything but just thought you should know !


  • Sent you an email donna about the whole situation. So you can decide.

    My god Zoe, thought it was just poor service for me, obviously not and your not even booked for there. EMG!!

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