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Hi Brides to Be & Newlyweds!!

I'm new to this site this evening having just been proposed to in Paris!! I have my dream engagement ring and now just need a wedding to match!

I'm pretty nervous and anxious about where to start and setting our budget, but the bigger question being here in England or over in Europe?? I always thought it would be here although my h2b has always made noises about doing it Europe.

Can anybody help or do you have any suggestions? I love the idea of sea, beautiful scenery, a chateau or castle in say Spain, Italy or Greece? Although I am a self confessed control freak and not sure I'll have that if we don't get married here in England.

I'm worried about the risky weather here and also the unavoidable big family guest list which I think we can near enough avoid in Europe?

So much thinking and doing and researching I feel like I'm already going mad.... ANY advice for a newly engaged girl would be greatly appreciated.

Venue suggestions in Europe if you have any real life experience and or recommendations is somehwere for me to start.....

Good Luck Everybody & thanks!


  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    welcome aboard miss2mrs!!!

    im getting married in Limassol Cyprus in june 07,stopping at the fourseasons hotel,and getting married at St Barnabas Church..

    so the weather should be fantastic...

    only 16 of us going out,but will be fun!

    having a do when we return

    Jo x
  • EmmaWukEmmaWuk Posts: 241
    Hi miss2mrs.

    I'm sure you will find lots of information from others, just by reading some of the messages on the forum. Internet is great for finding out information.

    By marring abroad, doesn't mean you cant have everything you want. There are always ways round it and as I'm finding, my wedding to be (cyprus), will incorperate everything we both want. Also it will be a lot more intimate with having just close family and friends.

    Good luck, and I'm sure what ever you choose, it will be perfect.

  • Hi miss2 mrs.....


    Im getting married at St Pauls Chapel on Rhodes (Greece) next May, we've been there before and seen the church, and its beautiful. Behind the little whitewashed chapel are views of the acropolis and the sea, its stunning, if you are looking for somewhere picturesque then Id recommend it! We booked with going places (airtours) and they gave us the e mail address of the wedding planners there, so Im constantly e mailing them with questions and requests, and they are really good at getting back and giving me ideas. Before you book anywhere Id make sure you can speak to the planners, and then you wont have to leave it all til you get there.

    We are having about 25 coming with us, so we are avoiding all the family stress (!!), but we are having a big reception when we get get back - best of both worlds!

    Good luck!!


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