Two stay Hotel in cyprus

Has anyone booked a hotel for prior the wedding and moved to a diffrent hotel after the wedding for that honyemoon feel?

Me and my h2b woould like to do this but we are unable to get prices yet (to far away) boo hoo!! HAs anyone one done this, what sort of prices are we looking at?

Thanks Girls



  • I haven't looked at prices yet, but we will be staying in a different hotel after our wedding - and a different town! We're staying with my mum and dad in Larnaca before the wedding. The wedding itself is in Limassol and we'll be staying the night there, we'll head back to mum & dad's for a few days and then on to Paphos for our honeymoon.

    I'll let you know when we find out some prices - I have my dad trying to get some details for that, see if he can use any connections to get cheap deals! image
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    I've been looking at rough prices today, for next year, we are hopefully looking at staying in one hotel (crown resort horiszon) for two weeks, but on the actual night of the wedding and for a few days after staying at a diffrent place, and then go back to the origanl. Going by the price for next year it was coming out at about 1000cyp in total, thought that was quite cheap? thats not including flights, but still cheaper than doing it through a travel agents here.

    Does your family live there?
  • Yep, my parents have retired out there. Dad's Greek Cypriot, so its good to have a 'native' when you're trying to organise things for a non-extortionate price!!

    That's not a bad price - that works out at about 1150 uk pounds.

    What other hotel are you thinking of? My wedding planner out in Cyprus is affiliated with a travel company & might be able to get you a cheaper price on the room - travel companies will usually get cheaper prices I guess, because they book alot.

    Let me know if you want her details & I'll e-mail them to you.
  • donna24577donna24577 Posts: 2,906
    yes please that would be wonderful, a nice hotel? we were thinking the riu, been to them in mexico? could you suggest anywhere really nice? were not getting married till 2008?

    My h2b parents want to retire to cyprus as well, can't wait for them to do it, not so i can get rid of them so we can have cheap hols!

    how long has your dad been out there for?
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