venice weddings HELP!!!

Hi all, we really would like to get married in venice next september, but we're finding it difficult to arrange!!!! does anyone know a good company or individual planner for venice??? we would like to get married in the afternoon but this seems too complicated for some of the companies we've talked to.

has anyone got married in venice? any advice?


  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    ill try have a look for you,ill pop bk in a mo

    Jo x
  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
  • jmjejmje Posts: 831
    this one looks nice,click on contacts at the top then it`ll give you an option for prices aswell

    Good Luck!

    Jo x
  • Dear css,

    Feel free to contact me to get the name of the Wedding Coordinator I used in venice for my wedding this year...

    good luck with everything!

  • are great my sister used them to get married in Sorrento but I know they do offer Venice weddings too.

    I have a telephone number of 0141 762 5569.

    Hope this helps!
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