Castello di Modanella

just started planning wedding in tuscany for 2010 and fallen in love with castello di modanella.

has anyone seen in on real life or deal with them at all?

dont wanna get my hopes up but it looks amazing!

plese help

c xx


  • just started planning wedding in tuscany for 2010 and fallen in love with castello di modanella.

    has anyone seen in on real life or deal with them at all?

    dont wanna get my hopes up but it looks amazing!

    plese help

    c xx
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    I have been looking at it too - it's on my list! I have got the info from them - have you mailed them yet?

    I find the Italian castle thing quite confusing as it's not always clear what is included in the price. eg Some include food, some don't... some you have to rent exclusively, etc etc.

    Modanella has a food menu for 110 euro per head. They said their arrangement fees were about 1000 euro and Roman Catholic church ceremony is 300 euro, civil ceremony is 3000 euro (because it needs to be arranged through an agency).

    The price list for the rental accommodation round the area is from 100 euros per night (2 bed accommodation low season) to 1600 euro+ for 9 people per night in high season. If that helps.

    They also sent me some websites of couples who'd had their wedding there.
  • i have mailed them but they havent replied yet. obviously im eager 2 know as much as poss as soon as poss! lol!

    its the romn catholic ceremony so at least that saves a bit! lol, just wish it was easier to work out a kinda total cost.

    are u using a planner or going it alone? how many guests? you chosen a date yet?

    c xx
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    Yeah, I replied back with another question and they haven't got back to me yet. I'm not sure whether I will go for Tuscany or UK. We have a castle in Sussex to look at next weekend (woo!) so will see what we think. The thing is that it is more expensive in the UK, but then it would be cheaper for our guests. I'm not decided yet - I really love the idea of a wedding in Tuscany - but not sure how the wedding planning would be. I think it could be quite complicated!

    Expect we will get married sometime next year, as most places are booked up this summer, and I think I'd want to do it in summer.
  • Hey Girls

    I am getting married at Modanella in September! We went out to see it in October and it is just amazing! I highly recommend it! It is just stunning!

    I originally saw it through an agency, but that is a really expensive way to do it, so am now dealing with the castle direct. You just use the email address that is on their website. To be honest, they do take a while to respond, especially as their usual planner is on maternity leave, so they are trying to cover her. However, they are really helpful.

    We are hiring out some of the accommodation on-site (villas with pools) and having our wedding in the Catholic chapel also on-site. We have 80 people going and it is lots cheaper having the wedding in the chapel, as opposed to civil.

    The food is a 5 course meal for about 110 Euro's per person, you get some wine included in that. We are going out there to visit again in June to taste the food!

    Let me know if I can give you any more information.

  • hi lori!

    can you giv me an idea of price to get married in chapel and also accommodation prices?

    thanks cxx
  • Hi. We are getting married at Castello di Modanella in August this year. We're having around 20 guests and are using a wedding planner called Helga from We went out there in December to have a look at venues and to meet Helga. She's been great and would recommend her.

    We wanted a venue where the church, reception and accommodation were altogether within walking distance. Modanella is fantastic, it really is beautiful.

    We are paying 10,000 euros (approx £7k) for the following:

    Booking of catholic ceremony

    Priest to perform the religious ceremony in English

    Assistance to handle Nulla Osta procedures with your consulate in Italy

    Assistant for the declaration of intent to marry 2 days before the wedding

    Interpreter as required by the Italian law

    2 Consular fees for British citizens

    Hair dresser and make up artist for the bride (at the castle, including trial run)

    Hairdresser for 3 bridesmaids and mother of the bride (and flower girl) at the castle

    Make up for 3 bridesmaids and mother of the bride at the castle

    Bouquet for the bride, boutonniere for the groom, 3 bridesmaids bouquets, petals for flower girl

    Flower decoration at church (1 decoration on the altar)

    Flower decorations on tables (3 round tables)

    Music for ceremony (organ and soprano singer)

    Music during dinner (Duo of violin and cello)

    DJ for the after dinner party

    Professional photographer: 40 photos in large format in color and B/W, selected from 100 proofs by the same. Photos taken before, during and after the ceremony. Digital service

    Express courier service to send your pictures directly to your home

    Reception for 21 guests including welcome cocktail, four course dinner, wine and wedding cake

    Administration fee of the castle

    Personal planner to help you organizing the event and honeymoon and constant e-mail correspondence

    Wedding program with schedule of the event and useful phone number before departure

    Coordination and planning fees

    Taxes and service for all the above included

    When we booked it we didn't know that you could go direct and it probably is much cheaper to do it this way rather than use a wedding planner. However, Maria their wedding organiser has just gone on maternity leave and it takes ages to get a reply from them. Using a wedding planner does take all the stress out of organising everything.

    If anyone wants anymore help or advice just let me know.

  • hey tuscanyb2b thanks for the info, certainly gives me alot to think about.

    thae only other thing i wnted to ask was about accommodation for the guests? where are they staying, villas at castle? how much is his costing?

    still not heard from them image

    so any more info is appreciated.

    we need catholic ceremony plus all legalities.

    some kind of music for ceremony

    flowers for ceremony

    bridal bouquet

    1 bm bouquet

    meal plus wine for 30 guests + poss 5 kids

    dj (we are hopefully bringing a singer with us)


    no flowers for tables, id prefer jus candles if poss

    hopefully want to keep that under 8k to allow for accommodation + flights +dress +suit +bm dress + rings + singer

    am i being unrealistic?

    c xxx

  • Hi

    Tuscany B2B is right about them taking a while to get back to you at the moment, but it is cheaper going direct. I am just having to remain very calm that they don't answer my queries very quickly at the moment!

    The accommodation is a mixture of villas, with pools. You have to hire them for 4 nights minimum and they work out about £115 per person for the 4 nights.

    The chapel is 300 Euro's, plus 150 Euro's for the Priest.

  • thanks lori!

    will try 2 get in contact with them again. iv got plenty time but im just excited n want to get started lol!

    another question about the food... do any of you hav menu samples etc?

    the food (and wine) are prob the most important things to us, wer big foodies n fil2b is in the food industry and a big critic.

    hope you can help

    c xx
  • Hi C

    The food is the best bit about it! It is a 5 course meal, which is about 130 Euro's per person, but that also includes some wine, apparatifs, sparkling wine etc. Any extra wine is very cheap, as it comes straight from their vineyard!

    We have seen the menu and it looks fantastic, loads of choices, so we are going out in June to taste and choose our menu.

  • sounds fantastic! wer hopefullygonna head out late summer for a look.

    when is ur wedding?

    how far in advance did u book?

    c xx
  • I am so excited about it, just can't wait! The wedding is 5 September this year, we went out there in October last year, so less a year in advance.

    However, all Saturday's were fully booked and the Friday we got was a cancellation! So, to pre-warn you, it gets booked up really far in advance!

    Also, we needed accommodation for 80 people, so also had to go for a weekend where it was free. The accommodation around the castle holds at least 150 guests though, so doubt that would usually be a problem. We have 80 coming out from Weds to Sunday, we get married on the Friday.

    The chapel only holds 80 people max.

    Just so you know, if you decide to get married not in the Summer, the room inside is also gorgeous, but we chose to have our dinner outside in the courtyard and just hope it doesn't rain!

  • i saw the pics on the website, it looks lovely inside but i really like the idea of the reception in the courtyard. do you know if they can hold a wedding any day or just fri sat?

    just concerned due to days for flights.

    i really cant wait to get the ball rolling and start making plans.

    my email address is [email protected] (il take ithis off in 5mins or so)

    would really like to keep intouch about details etc

    c xxxx

  • I think you can have it any day, but I don't know, as we only asked for Fri and Sat.

    Happy to help with any other questions

  • Hi Lori and C

    You can have the wedding any day, we are getting married on a Thursday. We're getting married in August and Modanella have strict rules that you have to stay for one week accommodation during this busy month. But we are governed by my neice's school holidays so unfortunately it had to be August.

    C - can definately do everything you list for under £8k, no problem.

    Lori - Do Modanella arrange everything for you eg flowers, photographer, music as well as all the legal stuff for your wedding? If they do how much do they charge for the planning and do they charge a hire/admin fee for hiring the venue? We've not actually paid the wedding planner's deposit yet so there is still an option to go direct.

    Also, how much are you paying per person for the 4 course dinner, cocktail, wine and sparkling wine for toast?

  • Hello

    Yes, they arrange everything, they have already booked us the fllowers and the hairdresser, I just have to go and meet with them on my visit in June to choose the flowers and have a trial hair session.

    With regards to photographer, they have sent us details of 4 different photographers, we just have to pick one from their websites and they book it. Again, we will meet with them in June.

    They arrange all the legal stuff, they have already sent me the paperwork for it, so we just complete it and send it back and they deal with it all in Italy.

    There is no hire charge for the venue, and they charge a 700 Euro fee for arranging everything. They are also helping us arrange a BBQ the day after the wedding and a night out the night before the wedding.

    We are paying 110-130 Euro's per person for the 5 course meal, which includes some wine and sparkling for the toast. We have to go out and choose the menu, so not sure of exact cost.

    We were originally going with a planner, but decided to go with them instead, as so much cheaper. You don't get as good service, as they do take ages to come back to you, but the cost was more important for us.

    We only had to have accommodation for 4 nights, as September is mid-season.

    Hope that helps!

  • Thanks Lori. I don't know what to do now, because it is cheaper to go direct but I think the wedding planner has got us some good deals on the services - hair, make up, flowers etc.

    Do you mind me asking how much are you paying for hair, make up, flowers (bridal bouquet, button hole, bridesmaid bouquets, church flowers, table flowers?), photographer and music (dj, any music during dinner and in the church?). This would be really useful as I could possibly cancel the wedding planner if it works out substantially cheaper overall. Aaarrrgh - why didn't I realise you could go direct earlier!!

    Thanks for the info xx

  • I'm getting married in a castle this Sept, and its working out at about 8-10k for 70 guests. There are several gorgeous castles out there that we went to see, ranging from 1500-3000 euro per night. Try looking at Vincigliata, Il Poggio and Mugnana aswell. Also there are some stunning villas. We loved the look of Modanella though, but as we were having so many guests wanted it nearer a cheap budget airline airport so it was easier for them to get to. As for catering, we are paying about 80 euro per head for appetizers, all drinks, meal, wedding cake, and evening drinks etc.. photographer about 600 euro.
  • Hi

    The photographer is going to be about 900 Euro's, but prices are from 600-1800 Euro's, really depends on what deal you go for.

    My hair and make-up, done at the castle will be 300 Euro's, its then 35 Euro's per extra person for hair and 35 Euro's for make-up.

    The DJ is 400 Euro for one using a laptop, or 800 for the most expensive DJ. However, we are providing our own music and using their sound system for 100 Euro's. The reason being is that the DJ doesn't generally do more than just play music from his laptop, which we can easily do with an MP3 player. Also, if he doesn't speak English, he isn't going to talk either!

    I don't know how much the flowers are, as I haven't chosen them yet, so haven't asked for a quote. They have a florist they use, so we are meeting her on our visit.

    I am not sure how much cheaper it is direct, but you won't have to pay hire charge, admin fee, or fee for the wedding, only the 700 fee for the planner at the castle.


  • HELLO!!

    I am getting married at Modanella in a few short months!!!

    We used a coordinator in Florence, she is Great!!! she is at

    As for flowers here are the estimates we have (in euros):

    I dont know if this is the florist modanella uses. I was very picky with flowers so I think at one point we changed florists.

    1 bride bouquet = 150

    2 bridesmaid sunflowers bouquet = 110

    3 mini bouquets for the moms = 100

    5 buttonholes (red roses) (3 groomsmen/2 fathers) = 35

    1 groom buttonhole (white rose)=7

    1 ring bearer small flower buttonhole = 5

    Altar Composition=80


    Our DJ is 500.

    We reserved about 3 villas near the castle. We have done everything through our coordinator and she is super responsive and gets back to us very quickly.

    If anyone would like more information on the coordinator or planning please feel free to email me at [email protected]!!!!!
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    I've loved reading all your posts about Castello di Modenella - I think I too have fallen in love!!

    I am hoping to have approximately 30-45 guests (5 of which kiddies) for a summer wedding in July 2009. I have read that it's possible to organise the whole thing (ceremony, food, venue, flowers, music, hair/make-up etc) for approximately ???????10k - is this true?

    Also do you know how the price differs if you go directly with the castle and not through a planner? Is the castle able to arrange the civil ceremony and paper work associated?

    One final thing, i've had an initial response direct from the castle to say that during peak season (mid July to end of August) that they only book it out for whole weeks (Sat to Sat). Are they referring to hiring out one of the villas for a week or the castle its self? I'm a little bit confused?! Can anyone give me any advice about booking direct with the castle?

    Vic x image

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    Hi everyone!

    I'm getting married in Castello di Modanella Sept 2nd this year, for all of you thinking about it, it's fab! You'll love it, we were just there a week ago, it's really beautiful but well worth the visit to put your mind at ease.

    The one thing i'm worried about is guests staying on site. We've 45 coming over but not everyone will have a car or want to go to the supermarket, we're getting one or two complaints already....

    Have you any ideas of how to keep everyone happy for 5 days in self catering? My hubby 2 B and i really don't want to have to move the accomodation to a hotel, but we're thinking it might make things easier all round if we did.

  • KristovKristov Posts: 1
    Would love to hear people's ideas on how to keep people occupied.

    I attended a wedding in Modanella last Summer and it was fantastic. Beautiful setting and a great reception.

    A car is essential however. There is nothing within walking distance, so for meals or a drink you have to travel.If you do hire a car, Modenella is a great spot to base yourself. Siena and Florence aren't too far and there are loads of beautiful hilltop towns to visit in the area.

    There was a mention of a restaurant possibly opening in the castle, but check it out before you go. Warn your guests to shop before they come to the estate. As with all self catering, there is nothing in your appartment when you arrive! Stock up on water, basic foodstuff and of course beer!

    Modanella is a fantastic venue for a wedding but if it was closer to a town if would be absolutely perfect. I'm trying to find a venue that is similar to Modenella, but is walking distance from a town or village with a couple of restaurants....

  • VEJAMES80VEJAMES80 Posts: 24
    We have just got back from a reckie to Castello di Modanella and it is every bit as fantastic as i'd hoped. I was a little aprehensive going up the drive as I had so many expectations that i didn't want to be disappointed... but it was perfect!! :\)

    We are now all booked in for July 2009 and have even worked out who is going in which villas!

    We had a long chat with the restaurant manager Fabrizio who went through his ideas for our wedding reception food - we have gone for a ???????130 pp menu choice which does include some wine with each course. The night before we had dined at the restaurant and were treated like king and queen, the food was out of this world - anyone worried that the food may not be up to their expectations, think again - it was amazing and we are big foodies. Oh, and we also sampled several of the bottles of wine produced onsite - all of which were fantastic!

    We also met with our photographer - a fantastic English guy called Julian who now lives in Italy. I had already seen some of his work on his website, but the portfolio books he brought were even more amazing. Unlike a lot of photographers Julian gives you the rights to your photos to do with as you like so you don't have to worry about how many times you or your family print them off. A friend of mine used Julian for her wedding at Castello di Modanella last year and the photos were amazing - none of these stuffy wedding photos, they were really artistic and a true keepsake of the day. Julian offers two packages - the first is 5hrs and the 2nd is the whole day - we have opted for the latter, for the small difference in price we will have everything captured throughout the day. Check out his website

    Having met with the wedding planner at Castello di Modanella I feel much more relaxed and confident that this is the right option for us - the down side is that they do take a while to respond to emails but I have every confidence that they will pull it out of the bag on the big day.

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    Reply to Tuscanyb2b.......I am currently ''trying'' to arrange my wedding at Modanella which is to take place June 2009 and I'm finding getting through to the wedding planner Paivi a nightmare!!! I send emails/faxes and get no reply and then when I ring she still doesn't give me any answers or direction. From what you said it sounds like you are doing the same as we plan too i.e Catholic ceremony in Modanella's chapel but this is where I am totally confused........ In regards to the paper work etc to marry in a catholic church in Italy - what do we need to do and what will Modanella's wedding planner arrange/help us to do??? I was reading OK mag the other day with Wayne and Coleen's wedding and it said that its a legal requirement in Italy to have a civil ceremony as well as a catholic??? I wasn't aware of this and Modanella haven't said.

    I have booked to visit Modanella in August this year so I keep telling myself that once I meet with Paivi then things will come in to plan but I'll be really cross if its a wasted journey as I cant seem to get definite meetings with suppliers i.e florists etc.......arghhhhh!!!!

    Any advice would be great.

    P.s I'm also trying to find a really good DJ as the music element is really important to us. Dont want cheesey tunes etc- any advice?
  • VEJAMES80VEJAMES80 Posts: 24
    Reply to Nicmodanella, I have been having the same problems with Paivi, but having been out there I do feel more reassured.

    My friend got married there last year and she also experienced the same problems with the last wedding planner at Modanella who is on maternity leave - but they pulled it out of the bag on the day. The Italians can be very laid back, which can really frustrate when you just want to get everything booked. We visted at the beginning of June and i'm still trying to get Paivi to send me the contracts for the wedding and villas (we're getting married July 2009) - but as she keeps saying she has been very busy with wedding that are currently going on and she promises that she will send them as soon as she can.

    I can't recommend them highly enough - I promise that you will feel more reassured when you go in August, it won't be a wasted trip.

    Our wedding photographer has recommended a couple of bands, he is an English chap who has quite a few contacts - i'm sure he wouldn't mind you emailing him (

    As far as the actual wedding ceremony goes, my understanding is that if one of you is Catholic then you do not have to have a civil cermony, you can just have a Catholic wedding ceremony - you can have it at the chapel on site (very small and pretty - seats about 50 max) or you could go to Lucignano - a small walled town about 9km away - we have falled in love with Lucignano - check out the photos from my friends wedding at the above website link under Katherine and Sam.

    Hope this helps - i'm still stressing but I know i'd be a whole lot worse if I hadn't met Paivi and had her reassurances.

  • niccrutchniccrutch Posts: 46
    VEJAMES80........ Thanks for the reassurances, I'm sure it will all be fine on the day, I just wish I could adopt the Italian laid backness!!

    I've been looking around on the net and I have contacted your photographer for a quote already so fingers crossed he can also point me in the right direction for a dj, I'll be mortified if I hire a dj and he plays cheese all night!!!! I've found a playlist dj site which has all the classic songs listed so if all else fails then I'll draw up our own set for the dj to play.

    I think I've seen your friends wedding pics as well and they were lovely. I've looked at that many peoples now that I actually feel like I know these people personally..... sad isn't it!

    Well good luck with your planning and any tips will be greatly appreciated, vice versa.

    N x
  • VEJAMES80VEJAMES80 Posts: 24
    Nicmodanella.... the Italians moto is "don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow"... I wish I could adopt that attitude instead of turning into bridezilla!!

    We're a bit stuck on the music front at the moment, I haven't yet spoken to Castello di Modanella about their contacts - but like you said, I don't want anything cheesy. To have a live band is working out very pricey (we've had quotes for ???????2500 for a 5 piece!). My mum has found an Elvis inpersonator, but I haven't had the heart to tell her that I don't think it will "fit it" with are romantic Italian wedding theme (can you imagine someone getting up with a white jump-suit and side-burns to seranade you!!).

    I finally got the contracts through for the villas yesterday and have sent it back with the deposit - just waiting for the actual wedding day contract now... everything seems to be happening more now Maria (the original wedding planner) seems to be back in the office after her maternity leave - you might be worth speaking with her as she is definitely on the ball. She made me feel really reassured yesterday by replying to my email within 1/2 hour and telling me that the wedding date has been booked, it's just a case of them finalising the contract. Maria's email address is [email protected] I would recommend calling - at the end of the day you are going to be spending a lot of money there so they can put up with our endless phones calls and emails!

    Julian the photographer is very good - I would recommend arranging a meeting with him when you've over next month, he is more than happy to drive up to Castello di Modanella and he can show you some of his photos in the flesh.

    I'll definitely keep you posted!

    Vic image

  • niccrutchniccrutch Posts: 46
    VEJAMES80...... Mmmm Elvis hey well at least it would give the guests something to remember!!!

    I can see the music thing being a bit of an issue as mine and my H2B's tastes are really varied and not necessarily what my Mum and Dad have in mind. I'm trauling the net so if I come across anything I'll let you know.

    Thanks for the advice on Julian, I've booked an appointment with him at Modanella so really looking forward to seeing his shots in the flesh and discussing/viewing the video option, also asking his opinion on dj's etc.

    I'm soooo glad to hear that Maria is back, I'll defo be getting on to them this week as I want to make sure they allocate me plenty of discussion time when I visit in August.

    How many guests are you having and are you having a bbq the day before or after? Just wondered if they have given you any prices for the bbq?

    Off to try and find a bridesmaid dress on Thursday evening as I've got to make my mind up on colours........ Can't decide at all......arghhhh!!!

    Thanks again hun

    Nic x
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